Do kids just know?

do kids just know when someone is mentally ill? my mother in law said that her little girl who is turning 11 this year knows something is wrong with me but she doesn’t know details. i was just wondering is that a good thing or a bad thing? it could be a good thing in maybe it will open up the communication lines when it comes to mental health. it could be bad in she could start judging me and treating me different. her papa my partner’s dad judges me all the time when it comes to mental illness. makes fun of me says i ride the short bus (meaning i am mentally slow) he doesn’t think every thing is tied to my schizoaffective disorder but that i’m lazy.


Hmmm… I am not sure if kids can really tell, but I’m always paranoid my 3 year old nephew knows something’s wrong with me. And whenever I used to be high around him when he was even younger I swore he knew I was high cause he was always super into me. Is it a good thing? Umm… I’m not sure. I don’t think I knew something was wrong with my SZ uncle when I was younger. Even though he did some very… Odd things. Didn’t think anything of it though or judge him. Some kids are a-holes though. But you’re family so hopefully she will understand. I am sorry your father in law doesn’t seem so understanding


Sorry you are seen as lazy. It is typical insult thrown at the mentally ill by the ignorant.



i have been trying harder lately to keep the apartment clean and last time he came over he only saw two problems the counter was crowded and the floor had dog toys all over.
@I4CU my partner’s little sister said she has a hard time seeing me as an adult sometimes. i don’t know if that is a bad things or a good thing.

Well that doesn’t sound like too much of a mess… know plenty of normies that can’t keep a clean house and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing either… I remember feeling bad for my uncle. It seemed like my dad was always yelling at him. (Turns out he was rarely on meds so…) but like I said, don’t remember feeling a negative way toward him. I was 10 when he passed away, so don’t know if an 11 year old has different views? Don’t think kids judge really… I don’t know.

I am a terrible at organizing. my partner is pissed that they keep threatening to take ed away since she was the one who bought him. she also bought their parakeet and spent over 105 dollars on both animals and their stuff. i love ed we bought more stuff to fill his tank with fake plants mostly. i’m happy about that, anyway the kids including my partner’s nieces and nephews know i am different they just don’t know the reason why. i’m hoping they never find out.

i remember growing up and knowing my parents were different so was my aunt my dad’s oldest sister. my dad has schizoaffective disorder like me and my mom was just recently rediagnosed with bipolar disorder. my aunt has schizophrenia with narcisstic personality disorder. i knew growing up they were different i just didn’t know how different. i don’t judge them they did their best with the hand that was dealt to them. my dad struggled for years with alcohol abuse he just recently decided to cut back by a lot and drink only two beers a night which i know isn’t healthy but its better than half a thirty pack gone in one evening.

my mom had wild and sometimes violent mood swings like my brother who is also bipolar. sometimes i had to really walk on eggshells around everyone. my dad only ever got violent with my mom or my brother seldom me. he accused my mom of cheating even though he was the one with hypersexuality and cheated all the time. i knew about my dad’s cheating on my mom. i just thought it was normal for parents to fight alot.

A little kid noticed my paranoia and said, in so many words, that I was afraid of the boogieman She was not judgmental, but she new exactly that I was mentally ill. Yes, I think kids know and it is good.


no everybody knows

that’s interesting, the kids know i am paranoid i watch them when they would go swimming in the pool. i never let them out of my sight even if it was just to go to the basement and get a floatie toy. they just think i worry too much. i think maybe this year i won’t be so scared since my partner’s little sister is turning 11 and her youngest niece and nephew are turning 14 this year. but i don’t trust people and they know it. my mother in law just told them i’m hyper vigilant and i worry about their safety quite a bit.