Do it! just do it!


motivational and anger management in one speech… :smiley:
take care :alien:

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Ha ha! This is what I scream inside my head when I am depressed and un motivated and have to do something. Now I can just listen to this guy and spare the mental effort. :smile_cat:

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I couldn’t.
Just couldn’t do it.
Story of my life.

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You would be able to,just be a little patient

I made a funny dubsmash over that audio.

yesterday you said tomorrow. SO JUST DO IT

This was probably his audition for a Nike commercial :slight_smile:

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Na, lost my focus…

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Yes I did.


You might like this one

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Much like
Very inspire
■■■■ the naysayers
I wonder how many schizophrenic scholar body builders or powerlifters there are.
Going to workout hard after final exam tomorrow, just ate a bunch of protein.
My deltoids are so ■■■■■■ up that my left and right delts had spasms when I held my phone above my face whilst in bed.


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Just do it!

So unrealistic, most things are actually impossible for most people and it won’t ever happen because of the many unbreakable constraints placed upon them.

And most if not all of this is not a choice in any matter.

Come on pans just do it!

Hey pans , yesterday you said tomorrow. SO JUST DO IT!

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