Do intelligent people have more complex delusions?

I watched the film A beautiful Mind about John Nash and he’s obviously intelligent being a mathematician. His delusions were quite intelligent.

Do people with lowers IQ’s have less complex delusions?

I have heard that did actually not have many visual hallucinations like the film portrays him to have, that most of his hallucinations were auditory.

I haven’t seen the film in a long time but I wouldn’t put too much stock in their representation of his actual experiences.


I was more thinking about his patterns with the string on the calk board. The delusions seemed quite intelligent.

Yeah, like I said, I haven’t seen the film in a long time but based on the accounts I’ve read, I don’t put much stock in it. I think that they took a lot of liberties.

I guess I don’t have an answer to your main question though.


I imagine they had to make it visual for the film cause it’s, ya know, a film! :wink:


Yes, I have no doubt that they also did this to make the film more interesting. I just don’t think it is a good representation of his life. I think it was more about entertainment, which is fine I suppose.

I’m wondering the answer to this too…

I think the more psychotic you are the more complex your delusions get.

I’m sure intelligence has something to do with content but I doubt complexity.


We should make a movie called “the delusion of notre dame” It’ll just be 2 hours of a black screen. And at the very end it will say “the end”

People will say there’s nothing there but we will say “no sir it is the delusion of notre dame.”

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That’s a good question @bobbilly .

I think you’re right, the more intelligent you are the more complex your delusions will probably be.

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Are intelligent peoples like mine?. Mine are microchip in left armpit, People out to get me, stealing my thoughts.

Those a very common delusions.

The previously common delusion was the cia or fbi are following delusion.

Now in more advanced times there’s more tech delusions like microchips. Or nano bots or whatever tech is controlling you etc

I’m not sure if intelligence means more complex unless what the person is learning or focusing on is already complex.

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Why don’t you do some research to find out?

None of us are qualified to answer that question.

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If there was a downrate button if would be for the above post!

I did some research and could only find on organic psychosis that complex delusions are found where cognitive function is intact.

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Like electricity delusions and atomic delusions when in that era.

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What’s your problem with what I said?

You’re in no position to accurately answer the question you posed.

Wasn’t constructive. Why should I research when peoples ‘learned’ experience on here is much better.
Edit. And you are no better @Pandy

Sure. Why would you want to research what a bunch of smart, educated people who have studied neurology and psychiatry say?

For some issues, like medication responses, “learned” experience is helpful.

For questions like intelligence → more complex delusions, first you’d have to qualify and quantify “complex” and “intelligence,” respectively. Otherwise, it’s meaningless. People will always overestimate their intelligence.

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