Do intelligence agencies

Have methods to put people in psychosis or give them schizophrenia or I’m tripping?

They do not.
And if they did, they would not bother doing it to some random person.

It’s just your paranoia talking


No but positive symptoms will tell you otherwise.

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Why would they target more than 20 million people worldwide? Not foreign or political adversaries? Or drug smugglers? Terrorists?


My reasoning is that were all guinea pigs (experiments) my voices told me this. I get people following me who know where i go before i think it.

How do you rationlise all of that,? How do you rationlise mind control?

i could see the government slipping a suspect pcp during an interrogation although its very unlikely and probably just my imagination from too many movies, but giving normal people psychosis doesnt benefit anyone in any way so i know thatd never happen

What if they are experimenting on us?

it wouldnt be a very useful experiment


Why theyd find out what we would do when under pressure from voices,delusions etc


experiments like that are not the purpose or role of intelligence agencies, maybe scientists would be interested in that type of thing but they have plenty of rats to test things on, if they did want to analyze schizophrenics there are many schizophrenics willing to commit to studies without having it forced on them


Confirmation bias.

How much man power do you think will be required to trail one person? Do so in every block that person crosses? Send that person subtle messages that he or she will be accurately decode and not misinterpret? Someone starts a chat with you. You start thinking this person knows I flunked in an exam in school. And is now indirectly telling me so. What if that person wants to have few words? No secret deep meaning or message? What if he is messaging you secretly about a trivia quiz you failed while with your friends now you are interpreting it incorrectly as flunking an exam in school?

People reading your mind. Everyone around you seems capable of it don’t they? You decide to test if so. You make quick changes in going from a place to another. You end up stretching a mile or two commute in nearly four miles. Yep they still manage to follow you. They can read you mind. New people appear on street even these newbies seem to be able to know how and where you are going. Not just that they are messaging each other nonverbally. They will shrug shoulders. Move their head in certain coded way. These are all ideas of reference.

How much energy and money you think will need to be put in doing something like this with insane accuracy and precision on both ends? And implement this on 20 million people worldwide? Ever imagine organizational skill required to pull this off?

If they are controlling ones mind what’s point of rationalizing all of that? Or any of that? You think we are one of million guinea pigs and they influence each one of us’ mind and control it. Won’t they influence meta? Won’t they control reasoning part of mind? We do mistake and try thinking harder. Look to solve our way out by thinking. I think this is a mistake. Your mind is malfunctioning why would you exert it more.

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Are you politically active online or offline?

Have you worked for the government?

If no to either of the above questions, do either apply to a close family member, friend or romantic partner?

Do you have socially prominent relations or friends? Are they involved in anything nefarious, or angry with you? If you don’t know, is either possible?

Do you have any exes in prominent positions in society, government, or the IT industry?

Is either of your parents from a foreign country? If so, who are your relatives still there? Are they politically active? What do they do for a living? Why did your parent(s) leave?

Do you work at a large company? At a university? Does someone at work dislike you? Have bad things happened to you there?

Its very strange on a recovering sz site that no one is willing to rationlise mind control and the people that do are immediatley challenged

I have very strong thoughts on this topic, but I don’t want to get suspended so I’m going to keep my mouth shut

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That’s because this site is recovery oriented and its mission is to free people from what are obvious delusions. You may want to try Reddit if your goal is to make yourself and others more floridly ill by encouraging delusional thinking.

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By mind control, do you mean feeling compelled to think on topics that you aren’t currently inclined to focus upon?

I have this, sometimes, and I call it “the leash.” Generally, I don’t have very profound thoughts, while on it. It is rather inane stuff, generally, and repetitive.

I have wondered if some of the thought inserters have one of the personality disorders where repetitive thinking is rather common, as I normally don’t have this flaw.

Trigger warning - governments and cults.

There were experiments done in the cold-war era using drugs like LSD, to induce dissociative states, similar to a DID diagnosis.

I saw a video about Scientology where a guy said they put stress on new recruits and use NLP methods to encourage a psychotic break.

Neither of these resulted in schizophrenia, and I’m not aware of anything of that nature ever being attempted. In both cases, the perpetrators chose victims that would already be susceptible to a dissociative or psychotic break. This suggests that schizophrenia cannot be induced in a normal healthy person.

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I meant rationlising it as in debunking it you idiot. I dont want reasons it exists. I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE IN IT AS MY MIND IS TELLING ME IT EXISTS AND I DONT WANT TO BELIEVE IT

Apologies, that wasn’t clear to me. Very happy to hear you are working to be free of this, just a miserable way to live.


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They monitor how many times you have sex in a week.