Do imaginary friends have to do with anything that's happening to me

I had a lot of imaginary friends and I think they all in my head causing my schizophrenia or I don’t know I’m not crazy I’m just trying to figure out why this is happening to me!

Maybe go ask a pdoc. That’s a great place to take your questions.

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I have imaginary friends too but they could be real spirit friends.
I don’t have many n don’t see them but think our spirits hang out etc

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A lot of people with sz deny they have it even after they’ve been diagnosed. It’s different than what most people think of prior to having it. Probably took me a couple years after diagnosed to really believe I had it. Just have to rely on a pdoc and put your trust in them.

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I don’t know cause its just weird I talk in my head to not hear bad stuff but then something always makes that bad voice come out and it’s like cmon man stop but no.

How old are you?

Usually comes on late teens early 20s for male’s but I didn’t get it until 30

I’m 20 but these imaginary friends were when I was a kid

I would get an appointment soon it takes time for the meds to kick in and find one that worked. If you are going to get worse at that time you might not be so open to getting help. I asked for help my first episode I knew something wasn’t right. All I got was people telling me it’s nothing so I didn’t go to the doc. Ended up getting phsycotic and finally attested then the courts got me help. But by that time I was so far sick that I faught it the whole way and couldn’t trust anyone. It’s best to be safe and get checked out.

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