Do i suffer from body hallucinations? Who else, please?

So i just wonder if i have them?.. Sometimes i just feel my brain in my head. Sometimes it feels like i float inside my head and its quite physical… I also have strange weaknesses in my body, who make me close to fainting by fear and all other stuff. Are all these body hallucinations or its just a consequence of the paranoia and anxiety? I often speak here about somatization. I know some of you somatize too. Otherwise i fight in the day, i even don’t feel my meds, i guess i got used to them. I am just on my feet, but with all those strange sensations still. I guess its not normal to feel this stuff, isn’t it?
Tell me if the meds helped you on this, please.

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I hear you. The mind and the body are connected, I don’t think you can separate them. When I feel mentally unwell, it has strong physical effects on my body, I have nausea, pain, pins and needles, numbness, weakness, weird sensations that are hard to explain. If the mind is sick the body is sick and vice versa. I think in a way they are one and the same. I feel unwell despite taking meds, I think they help but I don’t think they are a cure.

I feel the mustache in my brain moving and expanding.

Yeap, turquoise. Thanks for the answer. Yes, i guess you are right, cause my thoughts are still not what they should be. I felt better today in the day, it was great :slight_smile: But in my illness, i definitely am dumb, idk why i got this. You all here seem to me more witty and more well thinkers than me. Me, i struggle to think too. My meds help me a bit like for you. They help me to struggle, which is a help. I have nausea too sometimes like you say. Lately more, cause i am getting used to the meds, so less numb, more alive, but some symptoms point more. But i prefer it like this.
Om, are you kidding? :smiley: hah, take care

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But are all these called ‘‘body hallucinations’’?

I’m not kidding, dear. It’s strange sensation. Do you still take zyprexa?

Yes, its my med i think. I have Depakote also. My main docs said to stop switching and just pay efforts :slight_smile: .

More common tactile hallucinations I experience are bugs, sometimes they bite me but usually they just crawl around. I can’t ever see them though. Thank god.

I’ve felt weird stuff before, drops of water on my head, my hands sticky and wet with blood (accompanied by the smell of blood, how fun. No visuals though so I knew it was a hallucination right away, just felt weird)

Other stuff I can remember of the top of my head are cobwebs on my face that won’t wipe off (this is an awful feeling) and getting tapped on the shoulder. Not sure if the last one is just me or a ghost though.

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What is going to happen, is that in 10-15 years I am to change my genetic parameters, drastically improving
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That’s a tricky one. I guess it’s hard to distinguish whether an unpleasant feeling in the body is a hallucination or the body’s reaction to mental distress. I’m honestly not sure how to answer that Anna.

Ok, no problem that you cant answer. I think, that in my case, its more the fact that my mind play me tricks. Body hallucinations seem to me strong word for what I feel. I suffer a lot physically, but its more my screwed up brain I find…

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Yeah, I have a lot of strong physical symptoms, for a long time I thought there was something really wrong with me but much of it seems to be related to my mental state. It’s hard to differentiate. I hope you can find better health soon.

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