Do I really have psychosis?

I was thinking I dont hear voices or see things. I am now on medication. I was delusional to the point where I got very obsessive over my surroundings and got very scared.i was worrying about one of my neighbors spying on me and them sending people out to spy on me and I was thinking that they were taking the mick about me behind my back. I was also worried about strangers laughing at me and looking at me funnily but now I realise it was because I was looking at them. And now I dont believe my neighbor is spying on me anymore I’m on abilify. Could this be autism ? When I was 15 though i thought people were calling me names in the street but it went away and i never heard it again. I’m not sure if what I was hearing was voices because I didnt recognise them as such.

Niether do I and I never have.

But I become completely psychotic off meds. I become a danger to myself.

I’m diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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