Do i need to see a doctor to keep getting SSDI?(SSDI questions, how can i keep SSDI)

I started getting SSDI two years ago. I saw a doctor and a psychologist for 6-7 months before that, but as soon as I got SSDI I stopped seeing them and taking meds. I have no idea how i actually got SSDI, the doctors at the ward just signed me up for it or something, never spoke with anyone or interviewed etc.

So I guess i may have a review sometime ? Should i start seeing a doctor again to ensure i have “evidence” or can i just interview myself and explain to the ssdi staff that i need ssdi to keep my stress down and prevent episodes.

Please let me know anything else I should know about how to keep receiving SSDI.

Thanks very much for any help

I apparently don’t have a good memory for paperwork, so I suggest seeing a pdoc and a therapist to prove you are still disabled. I think I had to get mine to give them info.

It is a good idea to see both anyway.