Do i need sleeping pills?

it takes me hours to fall asleep and i toss and turn like a madman…

Again your not alone my friend. This is the third time ive gotten up to check out this website, well that and to smoke. Im going to try to quit drinking coffee but thats gonna be tough. I need that ■■■■ to get through my days. Its bad to drink esp in the evenings. I wouldnt get hooked on sleeping pills that just asking for more anxiety.

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They gave me sleeping pills in the psyche ward. I’m afraid of them.You can get a dependence on them if you take too many for too long and I am a recovering addict so I have to be very careful of what I take. This is a question for your doctor.


Maybe try some other things first.
If after 30 minutes in bed you are still not asleep. Get up and try again when you feel tired.
Cut down on caffeine especially during late afternoon and evening
Eating heavy meals before bed is not good as your body is trying to digest and sleep at the same time
Exercise in the morning not in the evening
Try Melatonine 1-3 mg
Read or watch something relaxing before bed

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I try not to do the sleeping pill route, but if it’s day three or four and I’m not having any luck with even taking a nap, I will call and ask if there is at least a Nyquil or something that might help. I try to stay away from them because of my past history with pills and drugs that make me feel fuzzy.

I try and wind down before I go to be. I take a bath before I go to bed and I have a tea with Passionflower, valerian root, chamomile and lemon balm. All good for sleep.

Through out the day I also try to tire myself out a bit. That will also help me sleep.

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Sounds like you have too much energy. Perhaps go for a walk or try some other form of exercise during the day to help burn off that excess energy.

even when i work 4-5 hours on the days that i work i bust my ass all day and i am tired because i usually dont get alot of sleep i go to sleep later and get up early, but i still toss and turn and still takes hours to fall asleep…does anyone try over the counter non habit forming sleep aids and do they work?

HI i got addicted to sleeping pills hell i get addicted to everything i think insomnia is part of schiz i have a terrible time falling to sleep too some days more than others even with the seroquel im on. there is KALMS they velerian root and hops but id talk to shrinky

i took sleeping pills but only for a short time and they worked, but you should talk to your doctor as it might interfere with meds !?
take care

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