Do i look Italian in the video?

do i look Italian in the video?

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What video are you talking about??

I posted a video last year of me

where is the video posted honey?

Italian people come from a wide range of ethic backgrounds and physical appearances. You can’t say “I look italian” unless someone is waving around a little italian flag.

I found it!!

Pedro, I’m not good at telling people’s origins but you sure had a nice suntan in that video.

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sun bed tomorrow for me


You look italo-american :slight_smile:

you look Latino :flushed:

Have you done any family genealogy?
You’d be surprised at what kinda folks pop up in there, maybe you are part Italian?

Irish folks originally came from Portugal.

You look like a full blooded Sicilian god father don

your tan is impressive… from the super tanned Italians I met in rome…yes you look Italian… lol

I was so mesmerized by the burger eating video, I forgot, what was the question again? :hamburger: :fries: :smile:

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You are of African decent clearly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hey, what’s with the never smiling?