Do i have to go to therapy to apply for ssi

my mom sais i have to keep going to Cbt therapy so i can apply for ssi i think this is not true all they really care about is that i go see pdoc every 3 months and i take my medicine right. ???

It helps if your seeing a therapist as well.
Make sure that your doctors are on board.


You don’t have to go to therapy but why wouldn’t you want to? I would love to go to cbt therapy if there was someone qualified in my area to do it. Is it helping you? Or do you feel it’s a waste of time?

The Social Security Administration is going to look at your medical records to look for evidence of a disability. Going to therapy frequently is a sign that you are in need. That’s probably where your mother got that idea. It would look favorable in my opinion but it’s not necessary.


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