Do I have to do stuff to have a life?

I dont do (as in, move my body) much, per se, but I do meditate a lot and strive to be mindful every day. Does that mean I need to “get a life,” as they say?


I would say you are doing life right. Based on your post, I’m guessing this isn’t new information to you, but, you already possess everything you need to be happy. I don’t even know if I should comment since you likely have much more wisdom on this than me. However just to participate in the discussion, I think the idea of ‘a life’ is a rather transparent/thin idea, if that makes sense. From what I hear, continuing down the path you are down will bring satisfaction and remove the desire to do activities just because, or to hold the title of ‘having a life’.

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Having some peace of mind is a good life in my book.


The amount of “life” you have to live is up to your financial situation and personal desire. There’s no external pressure to live in a certain way, other than that.

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I went through the same thoughts. I had one of my stalkers taunt me by saying “look at you”. Not only should they follow their own advice, but you wouldnt say that to a monk or a homeless person. People are a product of their circumstances and past.

I say, youre doing fine and dont let those self doubt thoughts stop you from meditating or enjoying your life.

As they say, you do you

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I say: do what you can do. If you want to take a chance and maybe try walking or going to a group for an hour once a week or sit on the bench at the park and get some vitamin D and feed the ducks, than more power to you. But you do what you can do.

If meditating helps you than that’s good. Maybe you’re at a place in your life where that’s what you can handle. Personally, I don’t do good if I have nothing to do, but that’s just me. And I’ve learned often during my life that sometimes you have to do stuff you hate, but it pays off later.

I’ve had my years where I’ve done a lot. I regularly went to movies or picnics or comedy clubs or plays etc. I enjoyed myself and I’m glad I did those things but it was often uncomfortable or frustrating or not a 100% fun the whole time. But you got to take the bad with the good.

Evertybodie’s illness runs a different course. I’ve had schizophrenia for 40 years, ever since I was 19 in 1980. I had years where I was not so productive, I had a horrible relapse, I was a practicing addict for four years, I’ve had my share of hard times and trials and tribulations. My life often is “one step up, three steps back”. but I got lucky in the schizophrenia lottery where I got to do a lot and experience quite a few things.

But my first two and a half years after getting diagnosed I basically did very little. I never had a plan on how I wanted my life to run or how I wanted to live but things turned out alright in many ways. But I’ve been in your shoes for periods of time. Like I said, I’m lucky, but I hate to advise you to do nothing. I believe everybody has potential.

I think you would be more content if you made maybe a couple of little changes and at least got out of the house for a few times a week and got a cup of coffee or went for a walk. You might surprise yourself if you took a couple of risks and joined a support group or a clubhouse or looked into activities at your local clinic. Even if it didn’t work out, at least you tried.

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Thank you @77nick77 @anon99233869 @anon21561657 @BrianTex

Very useful info :slight_smile:

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I think you should try to be at least a little bit active, for the sake of your health. Keep up the meditation, though.


We usually think happiness have a only definition and way to be but each one can be happy the way he feel. I don’t have big things and also I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but I live a peace life and in my own way I am happy.

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