Do I have the right to refuse treatment (not mental) from a GP I HATE?

In my early to mid teens, I went to the GP for concerns over my mental health. I was struggling a lot. He said I need to suck it up and get on with it, all teens go through it. A few years later I left the practice for another GP, but since that one closed I’m back to my old one. I dont see him but since he’s the only GP to perform minor surgery there, i refuse to be treated by him. Do I have to be treated by him? I will explain to my GP why i dont want his colleagues treatment… should i though?

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do you live in the usa?

UK, I live in the UK.

I think you should talk to the gp that said that to you, does he know your dx? If we could just magically get better I’m sure we all would.

I refuse to speak to him directly. The way he spoke to my 95 yo gran disgust me :confused::frowning:

I’m pretty sure you have the right to refuse his treatment. That’s how it is here anyway. I’m sorry you had to deal with that gps ignorance

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