Do I have severe anxiety or mild psychosis

The only ”delusions” I have are about my parents and friends harming me…

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These are enough.

A mixture of the two would be my guess

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The thoughts go away sometimes (they arent always there)

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Mine too.
Some days are active,
other days they’re gone

You have a severe case of sz so we cant rly compare that

You never know whose sz is more severe.
You can’t compare.


I have a mild-severe case as well

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I only have suspected sz it hasnt been diagnosed

But you have psychosis.
I have psychosis too.
I have unusual beliefs too.
I can tell you, from my experience,
that they always come back.

Yes they dont go away completely although im on meds
Should I just ask the doc to get me off meds

No, never off meds.
You take clozapine,i think

Yes I’m on abilify injection and clozapine

I feel like the meds make me a different person

Who gives a ■■■■! That’s your mind telling you to fck up! Don’t listen to it

Why do you think that

Going off meds was never good for me. You always think youll feel like yourself again, but you forget that ‘yourself’ is just living in a fantasy world


My main issue is anxiety at this point. Particularly social anxiety. I have feelings of mild paranoia at times, but I just let them pass and try not to validate them.

It’s tough to ignore invasive thoughts but I’m getting better at it.

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