Do I have Multiple Personality Disorder along with the already diagnosed SchizoAffective?


I read a both books Sybil and The Minds Of Billy Milligan. Both of those people lost time when alternate personalities were given or took control. The people were completely unaware if the some of their alternate personalities spent time doing an activity. At other times they were aware, but only brcause the alternate petsonality told them. These books were presented as accurate biographies for entertainment.


thanks for the information!


Wow dude. You just exactly explained how I’ve felt before going through one of my Breakdowns. I was locked up at the time in a Hospital , but I felt the people in the Hospital were representing different people either I need to be, or understand. Although just opposite the guardian angel I had a guardian demon come visit me and watch me since I was in Hell already we just caused trouble at the Hospital like TP’ing the Art’s n Craft’s Room and stuff to that nature. That’s if I remember correctly, she might of been a guardian angel, I really do forget allot of the details of this breakdown, but it was similar to yours.

It goes more in depth , but I actually forget exactly how I thought on each person, but now that you bring it up, I felt the same way though. Even remember thinking I saw my Dad there who came out and smoked with me, (who looked nothing like my dad, but thought he changed from the years that had gone by) and had divorced my Mom because he got on drugs so bad, and ended up in the Hospital like me, so Yeah I was whacked out of my head


Just the mind playing tricks on us, that is all


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