Do I have a choice?

Can I choose to not be angry? no matter what happens? I can’t deal with anger. Somebody will die.

Who will die? Increasing my AP dose fixed my anger issues.


It’s very possible to heal old triggers and deal with others more peacefully…it’s a healing process that takes some time & effort but will improve the rest of your life and the lives of those around you. Do you have a group or a theripist to talk to ?
If not some free options are slf help youtube talks, podcasts, even some spiritual advice if that doesn’t trigger you.
You can’t control them but you can control how you react to them.


Nobody will die. I incriminate myself all the time. It takes a decision to act out that bad and it doesn’t make you feel better. My voices have cheated so much, breaking spiritual laws I get outraged. I guess it should make me an atheist.

I’ve told everyone just about everything in a roundabout way. I talk to my therapist tomorrow. I like her okay.

When you start questioning your whole existence based on what voices say, the situation needs urgent solutions. Like a med increase or med change. And an active social life to keep you grounded.

Cause voices, as you should know, aren’t real, and even if you assume they’re real, at least stick to the idea that they aren’t useful to you. On the contrary, they can be very dangerous.

A poet once said, A strong persuasion that something is true can make it true. My voices go away when I lose faith they are real.

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You can choose not to act upon the anger. You can choose to channel the anger into something productive. You can choose if you want to stay angry.

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