Do I exist? (Real question)

I feel that I exist and that is enough for me to know that I exist…



That’s what needs to be established. I guess I’m committed to what some might call a “tragic epistemology”.

If only I could believe there really is life happening around me. But I do behave in public as if I believed it.

I’d no longer characterise my private beliefs as solipsistic, except in the psychological and perhaps epistemological sense.

I don’t feel that I exist.

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Descartes’ maxim is anything but simple, and it’s been discredited for a long time now. But there are parts of his philosophy that directly furnish my unusual beliefs.

It’d be long to explain but believe it or not part of me does enjoy all dysfunctional existential enquiries.

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I have said it before, but you are excellent at giving others the impression that you are real. :smiley: Even here where we can’t see you.

It’s strange, all of this should be proof of your existence:

eating, drinking, relieving yourself in the bathroom, bodily pain, sexual intercourse, the sensation of cold and warm etc etc.

But I guess you regard them as visceral, ephemeral phenomenons, like tactile hallucinations?

Once I walked 6 kilometers to the local psychiatric hospital. I told them I didn’t exist, I disappeared, so I have tried the feeling myself. I was very scared. They put me in a closed ward, because I had a rope in my rucksack.


You might not exist to you… but you exist to me and everyone else on the forum. And I personally am glad you exist.

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: 55

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Oh! It seems that all my imaginative alters have been partying without me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It is strange to me that you seem to have minds of your own even when I am concentrating on something else… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do remember that we are literally the same person. You don’t remember being me anymore than you remember what you had for dinner 10 years ago.

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That is a bit New Age for you isn’t it? No you or I just oneness… :slight_smile:

No, for new agers we are “as if one” and/or partake from a more or less transcendental oneness. This is not what I’m positing at all.

So are you suggesting that ‘I’ am a splice of your mind and continue to exist in my own right as part of the universe you created?

If so I suppose it is no more outlandish than my belief that I am in the hell realm as part of Samsara where each and everyone of us lives in their own assigned realm, which could be as Gods, demi-gods, humans, animal realm hungry ghosts or hell realm all cohabiting on earth, but I digress… :slight_smile:

What if the collective delusion of my existence chiseled my existence. Take away collective delusion and you have what if my existence created my existence.

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I go with Descartes “I think therefore I am” but I guessed that somebody already mentioned him

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