Do I come across as literate?

I sometimes worry about my spelling and if it’s readable? I’ve no formal education.


You can read and write so you’re literate.

I think your writing is clear.


I think you do. Never had trouble reading your messages on here.


I couldn’t read or write until I was 15. I remember being 11 and we had a dog called Sandy and I couldn’t even read or spell that.

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That’s what I was going to say. She’s perfectly clear to me.

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@bobbilly is a he. His avatar is kinda misleading.


My avatar is my ideal, Gail Platt. She’s a soap actress here in the UK. Her character is Gail Platt. Its a joke with British here, they’ll understand and one from Belgium lol


I never thought anything about your writing. Looks normal to me.

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Your writing is fine.

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Why didn’t you receive an education? Even low IQ people go to school in the US

You Defend your Space here well. You come across as quite eloquent and educated actually mate.

You do very well. I help out an older gentleman that is illiterate and you don’t come anywhere near him. He calls all the time to have me spell out even the simplest of words. He has cheat sheets to write out numbers for checks. Oddly he can do numbers and knows simple math. It’s strange how clever he is to survive in this world without reading, he’s actually more clever than other people who do read. lol.

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We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom.

This thread reminds me of this beautiful song.

We live the life way we want to.

Btw Your writing is good.

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