Do I come across as if I am about 20 years old to you?

And why?

Thanks for any honest opinions, feedback

To be honest… yes. You just have a certain cheerfulness in your posts😶

Thanks for the honesty, Abise

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An anonymous poll: do I come across as annoying to you?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I am not sure

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Sometimes, yes, but I am a very annoyable person lol

You seem like a good person to me

All in all, im probably just annoyed at myself lol

I like knowing what people really think.

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TBH - I thought you was around my age - mid 40’s lol. :upside_down_face:

You never come across as annoying to me!

I thought 30’s

Maybe mid twenties. I never thought you were annoying. If you want to be annoying you are really going to have to work at it.

Thanks for all the feedback.

you have a young curiosity about yourself. its a good thing :blush: never let life take the kid out of you :blush:

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I never paid that much attention to it. I haven’t been signing onto this site as much as I used to. So if you are annoying it is not something a person would notice right away.

You’ve never come across as being immature or anything.

Try not to worry about your posts but if you are being flagged left and right then be concerned.


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Thanks peeps, for the additional responses it’s good to hear

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You come across as being a very honest person.
I admire this in someone.

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Older people have a different writing style, so I can see that you are “young”, but I wouldn’t be able to tell if 20,30 or 40.

you are definitely not annoying! you are a really sweet person =)

Thanks for the responses. It is good to hear people’s thoughts.

Just would like to say to peeps that I think I can sometimes maybe come across as annoying on here, maybe at least to some people, I don’t do it intentionally, and just want to thank people for being patient, or understanding or whatever it is.

@ZombieMombie, @ninjastar, could I close this thread now?

I don’t really need it to remain open. Due to the subject matter.


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