Do Hallucinations Hold Grudges?

(Trigger Warning)

Quick Examples:

  • Being on Another Planet At a Young Age. The Grande Canyon in Space. Without Depth.

  • Voices Saying Things Like, ‘We Were Never Your Friends’. After Years of Friendship.

  • Touching The Sap on a Tree, Thinking The Tree Was Blaming Me For His/Her Pain.

I Seen That One Movie Where (Spoiler Alert), Where That Strange Girl Came Out of The T.V.

It Was Almost Like She Was Real, Something Hollywood Keeps in Secret. And I Was The Reason People Were Lying About Everything.

Or is The Jus Honest Paranoia?.

I Sometimes Think Paranoia is Actually, in All Honest Reality, Commonsense.

Like it’s Commonsense, to Know When, After Proof Arrives, You Have Good Reasons to Be Paranoid?.

Is There a Place Somewhere, Where Hallucinations Wait to Strike?.

Or is it Really Jus All Speaking to Me From My Own Mind?.

Hopefully, it’s Not Grudges.

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