Do guys get those situations that easily

If you know what I mean :confused: I was talking to someone yesterday didn’t say much he said he got a situation down there for the past 45 mins and he had not had that in ages.

Ahahahahaha…hahahaha …lol…


“If you have a situation down there that lasts over 4 hours, call your doctor.” :smiley:


Lol “we got a situation…with this mans situation…”

Omg. :flushed: What the he’ll

I would consider that as a compliment @anon80629714 :blush:

Check out this (sexual talk ahead)
I was with this guy and he told me about his “little problem” before we went to bed. The problem was, and I obviously underestimated its seriousness, that when he gets aroused really much, he cannot get off…almost impossible. So it just stays that way :flushed:…and takes a really big effort to finish.
It might sound like a fun but somehow it isn’t.

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This thread is racist…lol…


Good meme…yea I was picking on you…and this thread…

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no, i dont really :confused: its meds i think

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