Do goodness and be kind

You will have more happiness and more hope in your life. I think it really works. Just try to do good and loving actions little by little each day and the sun will shine.


I agree. It’s like a built in system of making others happy. It’s difficult not to feel all warm and fuzzy when you’ve made someone happy. It’s a really nice feeling. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did goodness by cooking for the whole family yesterday.


Yeah it’s what I live for now. I’m not afraid of dying. I’m not living to make money. I’m not going to have kids and try and get happiness like that. I’ve been beaten down by SZ and don’t have much left to fear!


Once I helped make bbq pork sandwiches to sell to raise money to send a pastor on a mission trip to Uganda. It was awesome. One of the best days of my life.


I feel ashamed that I cannot cook yet. Cooking is a great way to bond with people !

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I dont feel im generally a very good person, but i made my mum happy today with loving presents that fit her. That felt good. :slight_smile: I want to be kinder and do more good. And less bad.


I try to be kind and help people out occasionally when I can.
I often feel people would prefer I leave them alone so I don’t text too much.
It may just be me thinking that.


I haven’t done a good deed for a while. Putting all my eggs in the basket of mymessages. No opportunities to speak of with beggars or friends in jail or hospitals. Just trying to help and keep my life together. Sounds kind of selfish though. Not too many friends. I am now aware of this…

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It’s ok. I’m sure you can find many good opportunities to do good deeds… And you will reap the rewards :slight_smile:

Of course. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s hard to do good and remain kind when this world is run by narcissists.
But it’s in my nature to be kind.


Omg. Seriously?

If var a= cook
document. Write(“Andrey can’t” + a + “like a modern man” )

Haha. Was my code good? That’s all I know

I have enough just taking care of myself and my sacred neigh at the moment.

I want to do good but will start by trying to fix my physical symptoms and see if I need a cystoctopy.

Then I will keep doing my daily routines and when I am stable with that for quiet some time I will see if I can put aside a hour a week.

I get brain feelings and tired and have difficulties social interaction where conversation is required etc

I am making dinner for one of the woman that raised me on Saturday.
That pleases her so that’s good.

I bought her a movie voucher for mother’s day and I bought chocolates for her mum and sent a card to mum mum in Sweden.

I gave my x a gift voucher at the grocery store and sent oinkers to the babies.

I gave a reusable coffee mug to the woman I want to date.

I made a birthday cake last week for someone’s birthday.

I do some nice things every now and then :open_mouth:but I actually have enough on my plate taking care of myself and my sacred neigh.
I seem to have somewhat high needs and need to comfort myself a lot and talk calming to myself to cope.

When I did volunteer work I was paranoid even at riding for disabled I was even paranoid about the disabled people :open_mouth:.

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The one’s who are the hardest to love often need it the most. I try. It’s difficult though.


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