Do flat eyes mean someone isn't a people person?

I just found that people with flat eyes disappoint me and I think that’s why.

flat eyes? are you talking about people who don’t make eye contact

Like they’re not focused. I mean flat instead of round. Not shifty eyed, but yes, not making contact in a still way.

I think I know what you mean, people sometimes think i’m staring at them but i’m really looking past them in deep thought.

Maybe that’s where the idea that we’re socially rude comes from.

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I think you’re right, but its out of my control at this point, I believe this is a defense mechanism for some of us when out in public.

Eyes can tell much about people, I do not know about flat eyes, but sometimes when I am in my thoughts I tend to stare at nothing. Once in Miami Beach I met one 1st Gulf War veteran and his eyes told that he could have harmed me, fortunately nothing happened.

I thought you were talking about Asian eyes.
Flat eyes sound like those people who don’t seem to have a soul.

the triangle eyed people are the ones to watch, very creepy.
or the slightly hexagon eyed people…a little bit shifty.
but the the real funny ones are the decagon eyed people…they are a laugh a minute !?!
take care

i show flat eyes sometimes when i am tired,it is like when you say something and you show no confidence to other,but you know your just tired

some of us are upset about our stigma, and labeling.
yet this thread does exactly the same…

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@PinCushion,your lucky that your meds do well for you not to show flat eyes to other,but pls remeber some unlucky people show flat eyes when meds not working

I never looked at it that way - just tired. Thank-you, that helps my understanding a lot.

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My eyes are always flat. :eyes: