Do/did any of you have mothers who were teachers?

I did and I think that after teaching all day she didn’t want to teach at home. So her kids missed out some.

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My dad does private tuition. He still has time for me but I feel uncomfortable socialising too much with him. But I do open up from time to time. And that’s good. And we joke about the house cats.

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Sorry to hear : /. My dad was a school teacher and didn’t really like teaching me anything, lol.

Well, it really isn’t funny. People wonder how a teacher’s kid could be so ignorant.

Married to a high school English teacher.

I knew that about you, @pixel Did you take over for her when it came to your daughter?

I laugh to cover up the pain, don’t really like awkward moments. Yeah its sad.


My mom was a public high school and junior high school teacher. I used to get beat up because she was a teacher. She didn’t have any problems teaching me when I was a kid.

My whole family is teachers. Mother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, mother-in-law…

My mother wasn’t unwilling to teach us things even she got home. She even homeschooled 2 of her kids in the evenings after she got home.

My mom was a teacher, maybe you are right.

My mom was a teacher.

I remember she was really wiped out at the end of the day.

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My mom was an elementary school teacher.

Nope. My wife and I both helped with English. I did more with things like biology, where I’m stronger and my wife is better at calculus and such than I am, so she lead there. What I found funny is that my wife is a bit more … timorous … then me when it comes to all things sex, so I wound up being the one who had The Talk with my daughter. Mom asked the kid later how I did and the kid gave me high marks, but, my wife wasn’t completely impressed with my instruction.

“It seemed appropriate and she agreed.”

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My mom taught adult ed. When Ed moved to Oregon she lost her job.

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