Do "delusions" really determine functionality

I know plenty of people who self identify as targeted individuals and many of these people have raised children, own their own business, and/or have full time jobs in the business world, all without even taking medication. What are you people’s thoughts on this?

Ive always thought that there is alot of “normal” people that aren’t so normal and should get help but doesnt ,these are people who were raised to believe that mental illness doesn’t exist or someone with it is less than human so they are in lifelong denial.

You know there’s those dudes that are too tough to admit they are ill and need help ,that is very very sad.

Case-by-case. I have seen way too many of them to try to generalize a policy on issue like this. One size just does NOT fit all.

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I also think it depends on what the delusion is…

How deeply it has a hold of someone…

case by case seems to say it all…


A good psydoc will pick you like the plague!

I go in …fifteen minutes tops…and he’ll say a few things and engage me in conversation…It’s not rocket science but it really is a craft!

For example. It’s easy to spot the holes in your logic. It’s easy, for those in the know, to spot the symptoms your saying like paranoia or other such thought process’s.

STill. Lot’s of folks out there who aren’t really functional in the traditional sense but they aren’t schizophrenic! Pretty easy to say I’ve been psychotic…other’s problems don’t even come close!

A friend in the struggle,


I would say the same thing to you. It is easy for me to find the holes in your logic and the fact that many of you show signs of demonic oppression.

hey dude/dudette,

Logic is logic. If A + B equals C etc, etc…

Any half decent hack can say otherwise but that is just that…bullshite!

Life is anything different but really! It’s not demonic possession…you might say that your approach is a very childish concern and approach to life…really…you can’t have the devil if you don’t believe in god…there’s some logic for you!

Please. People suffer with such thoughts here and your doing nothing worthwhile for the community by saying such trash.


Logic taught me the difference between a possessive determiner and a contraction, sir.

? Way too concerned with getting better than biting on such rubbish…

But…think a bit about what you do for people who come here looking for comfort and answers that help them!

Seriously. Periods of psychosis and depression actually damage the brain! Medications actually work for the large majority of sufferers. We are way better than we were 50 years ago and that is a fact!

Seriously. Love your work…don’t work for you…your smart and opinionated…your on your own path and that is cool but please…Don’t put your shite on everyone else…! You believe in this or that that is cool…please…don’t judge me as I judge you…cause I’ve seen it all…

Water off a ducks back but it won’t save me I’m doomed in your opinion and that is cool! Meantime read some logic books and waste some time away from this site…too many people need good advice and not the rubbish you are going on about!


I’ll put it this way: either the dead rise or you fall.