Do delusional people scare you?

I have to say yes after the Nashville bombing. I don’t know if another one of them is going to blow something else up.

Yes some delusional people scare me. A schizophrenic guy here killed 3 ppl and injured 7 with a Katana sword the night of Halloween. He was disguised in white as a ghost. But honestly I am not scared of dying anymore.


I not afraid of dying either, but I’m in my 60’s and have lived a pretty long life. I don’t have any unfinished business. I don’t have any purpose in life since Mom died.


What I find odd is that his girlfriend warned the police about him and wound up being taken in for a psych eval. As far as believing that ‘lizard people from other planets’ had replaced key people in the government, etc…well, I think those types of people should not have explosives handling licenses as that guy had.

Then again, Scientologists believe some wild stuff Xenu - Wikipedia

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Not really. Only when somebody somewhere comes up and threatens me. They all have some delusion.

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I’m more worried about the crack pots visiting this site posting crap and pushing paranoia and shilling than actual conspiracy theorists having a good time laughing over drinks about lizard people.

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You been pretty down today. Are you doing better now?


Depends on what kind of delusion they’re having, for me.

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I have been down since yesterday and missed my antipsychotic. I usually take it at 9-10pm but forgot it. Woke up in the middle of the night and took it. It was 2-3AM. But I am also depressed/pissed of staying in bed all day everyday. No one can help me.

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I was suicidal back in the spring 2019. I ended up going to see the pdoc and getting an antidepressant. It helped after maybe a month.

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Yes, if they have scary delusions they can make me uneasy.

I once met a guy who was obsessed with the illuminati. It was all he talked about.

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This is how I feel too

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For what it’s worth, I have schizophrenia with only cognitive, negative, and delusions as well as dissociation.

I believe I was experimented on many times by various people and believe in aliens. I’ve seen and interacted with several races including but not limited to reptilians, greys, tall whites, nordics, and plaedians…

I don’t know what’s worse. They’re all evil but some are good just like people. Some aliens are good and some are bad. I really don’t care and don’t have that much ignorance or paranoia.

I know for a fact we live in an ancestor simulation run by our distant descendents and that’s probably why they look inter-dimensional or we cannot find them on other planets. Seen robots too just like the movie the matrix.

As a Christian, I try to view them from a biblical standpoint but I don’t know if it’s true they’re really demons or if that’s part of the programming I had or just plain stupidness…

I’ve been abducted by aliens several times and even been an alien myself…probably in a past life. Super soldier crap.

The Tall Whites took my time machine and some aliens are evil and are changing history and ■■■■ to benefit their needs.

In college, I watched some alien videos which were probably fake about the Plaedians and it was a positive message about humanity and stuff. Very positive compared to what the Vril do.

The greys are robots probably manufactured by reptilians. The reptilians are on this earth and some live underground and work with our government/world governments. There are others like myself that are considered anunnaki that escaped the simulation and ran some of it.

They told me stuff.

They’re our distant ancestors (tall whites that is and nordics) and are Christian or respect Christianity. The Nordics are not all good.

Some governments don’t like humans liking aliens. I learned that. But they work with them.

I’ve been stuck in a time loop for eternity thanks to Nordic Aliens. Probably met God too or somethng like Enoch. Still remember thanks to mind uploading.

The Tall Whites dictate and control the USA which I don’t care or mind at all. They dictate policy.

I’m Christian and Libertarian but lean more to Republican now.

I believe I was targeted and went insane by aliens because I am John Titor the Time Traveler and that’s why they gave me schizophrenia but made me immortal or something.

I just want to escape the time loop or go back in time to my childhood, reincarnate and be left alone or have my illness cured but they told me the universe repeats itself indefinitely so I have to go through the same ■■■■ over and over again like a big bounce type thing for eternity.

I’ve been left alone mainly by reptilians because I wanted to be one in a past life - possibly/probably. I also probably had distant distant relatives with Antartican reptilians that live underground there.

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you are dealt the cards you are given. I’ve probably even had sex with aliens too and they took my dna.

The Tall Whites said they created our simulation. They told me that in a past life…They can change history if they wanted to.

I might delete this, but I don’t know. I have trauma and I feel talking about all this helps me in the end.

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Sorry to hear that Wave.

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I’m sorry for you too @ElGato

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Do I dare ask what illuminati are?

How do aliens reproduce?

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I’m getting a little down right now, but I’ve been up since midnight last night. I might should get some sleep. I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay up until midnight. Saturday is mom’s birthday.

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Oh, I saw in a movie that aliens are born inside an egg like birds.

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No at the end of the day delusional people are still just people. Plenty of non-delusional people are significantly more dangerous.