Do chess playing children perform better in school?

So both my children played and one was the Valedictorian and the other graduated 7 months early. My brother, however never graduated and he played quite a bit. I personally can’t think that many steps ahead and could never be bothered by schoolwork.

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Same here. I think it can be par for the course if you have executive functioning deficits .

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Not me, but there were too many people and too much noise in school. What I needed was a home schooling scenario or a room where I was the only student.

I would have thought that would have been a pipe dream given your childhood situation . Personal tutoring isn’t cheap .

Oh absolutely. But it’s what would have worked. Education is not in the business of providing solutions that work, they’re mostly in the business of providing jobs for teachers and administrators. If a kid gets educated by accident, they’ll take credit for it.

My brothers an excellent chess player, but he’s alright in school.

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It’s just a game.

I think it’s sad you didn’t get that educational support. Nevertheless you deserve praise for what you have achieved , in spite of that .

It’s a game that teaches you to look ahead and helps develop pattern recognition skills. You also learn cool words like zugzwang.

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I think all kids should learn an instrument.

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I notice a good thing about education is when someone does good, they may take credit for it a bit undeserved. But maybe they do deserve credit because I believe the schools have gotten much better at accounting for people like myself, since I have graduated. So albeit not taking credit for negative things, they at least try to amend them properly. Dont you think??? I just explained my high school situation to a counselor once and they said “Try not to let that stuff happen these days”

Chess is an awesome game. I’m just so so at it but I still enjoy playing the game. But I think if a person plays too much chess they could end up like Bobby Fischer. He was talented but he didn’t seem to apply it to the rest of his life. Oh well. He’s still a chess hero in my book.

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My pattern recognition skills are in the toilet. They are around the 2nd-5th percentile on average.

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