Do cats have more range of motion than dogs?

it seems like when a dog is on their side or back there legs are like wooden planks sticking out with no flexibility, cats can do all kinds of swiping motions with their paws and also are much better at landing from a jump or fall


Yes, I would say that cats are more flexible than dogs.

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Throw a cat and a dog off a roof at the same time and watch their landing. That should answer your question.

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You ever seen those videos on YouTube where a owner of both a cat and a dog sets up an “obstacle course” made of like, 50 different small items that can easily be knocked over. The cat will carefully step between them as to not knock them over, but the dog will usually just barrel through them.

Also cats clean their entire body. Dogs need to be bathed. So yes I do think cats are more limber.

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