Do aps work on laughter?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t know what you mean? I have laugh a lot by myself or with people but I don’t think laughing is hurting anyone?! Please explain?!

I laugh more when I don’t take my meds so yea I guess they do ! But I drink 8 cups of coffee a day I don’t even notice my meds! Are the feds watching??? :joy:

For me its very unpleasant to laugh.
I meant does medication work.

I guess? Are you currently medicated? Have you noticed any changes?

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Going on risperdal consta.

Risperidal is something I’ve been on!! Hopefully it helps!

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Yea when I was on a higher dose of aripiprazole in particular.

I barely even found things funny internally, let alone laugh out loud.

Very very sad

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I feel like when I’m not on meds I laugh so hard at things to point of almost passing out at times lol

I also have a really big problem with laughing at times when I shouldn’t but idk if meds are even helping me with that


I found out that Risperdal works great on almost constant, uncontrollable, manic laughter.

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