Do AP damage organs?

Some people say that it causes castration of brain and genitals

I agree with this as ive had a bad experince with them id like to hear what others have experinced do you feel your organs are ok on AP?

Pretty sure all my organs are fine…

This sounds like a delusion @vampireeye
Tell you doc, with more or the right med, this feeling may go away.

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No delusion present, I feel this way as of the effects ive got.

A new team of docs are trying to come up with somthing new for me but are reluctant to hand out anynore AP due to my effects

I often wonder how mixing alcohol with AP’s affects my organs. I don’t know about “castrating”, but all the typical AP’s make me so dull and joyless it’s unbelievable. I hate the typicals.

Meds, including psych meds have the potential to do some damage to our organs - for example I was getting some liver damage due to the Depakote ER I was taking for years at high doses.

Its important to work with your family doctor and get frequent blood tests done - so they can test various organ systems, like our liver and kidneys - metabolism and cardio health etc…

A lot of the damage can be prevented through blood testing and other tests - doses can be adjusted or meds can be switched etc… The postives from taking APs usually outweighs the negatives.

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Yes the typicals like haldol can give that zombie feeling I hate. im glad they do have some newer ones for Medicare.

But even in my worst times, I always remember to say I’m allergic to Haldol, since they try to give that to you first in an ER sometimes.

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You’re not supposed to mix alcohol with medication. it can damage your liver.

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