Do any szs have a sense of belonging?

Because that is what I am missing. And if you do feel like you belong, how did that come about?


I don’t feel like I belong I feel like I’m a burden and that everything would be better if I was gone. Everyone tells me that I have a purpose but I have a hard time finding it.

Yes. I think this is typical of us.

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I agree.

I never felt much of that feeling but have had moments of that feeling so I know how good it can feel but as a child and throughout my life I never really belonged or fitted in with family,friends,school etc

I recently joined a vegan food group online and I love being a member there.i really enjoy all the pictures etc
I guess I belong to that group.

I belong with my sacred neigh.

As I am older now I feel it much more than I did as a bullied lonely child who was ridiculed and mocked for her suffering and agony.
My mum and her husband used to ridicule and mock my pain and emotions.
It was wrong of them and very bad behaviour but I love them anyway but I suffered immensely.

I have felt I dont belong or fit in anywhere

I have a sense of belonging. I feel strongly that I don’t belong anywhere.

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I guess I belong to this forum as I am a schizophrenic member here.


Others on this forum who have had similar experiences…

Love :two_hearts: to you guyzzz :slightly_smiling_face:


That vegan food group sounds interesting. Do you post recipes?

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I don’t but sometimes I comment on others pictures and I write that it looks good etc

Maybe in the future I will post a picture too.:slightly_smiling_face:

I really enjoy seeing pictures of food.i love food and it’s good to get ideas what to have for dinner etc

I’m so happy I recently found this group.

If I’m interested, how do I join?

@SacredNeigh7, I Googled it and found there are many vegan’s forums. Just want to know which one you joined since you like it so well.

@chordy when I was younger I had the strong feeling that I was separated by everyone else. But as I’ve grown older I don’t feel it as much. I think the meds help me feel that I fit in a little better. I don’t have this whole other world happening inside my head when I’m trying to be with other people so that helps. And I’m not as self conscience as I used to be and that helps too because I don’t feel so beneath other people. I just don’t feel so different like I used to. My husband really helped me with that I think. And believe it or not this site helps me a lot because there are so many other people with my same experiences and I don’t feel so alone with it all, there’s a reason why my head is the way it is and I feel accepted on some level.

I don’t really feel I belong with my sz.

I don’t know anyone with it apart from on the forums and there aren’t any support groups I can find.

It’s hard being marginalised but I believe you can have good self esteem without having a sense of belonging.

I feel like I belong to the Union of Nature’s Screw Ups.

My sense of belonging was only a sense that I belong to myself. It is a good feeling.

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I don’t feel like i belong per se, but i can feel content with how things are. At the moment i’m in that stage. So long as nothing bad happens.

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Before my relapse, before I lost everything again. I was living in UK and worked at five guys. I really felt I belonged there, the conversations we had! I was joking all the time. I even became employee of the month and of the quarter. But when I relapsed I’m feeling i don’t belong anywhere

I dot feel like I have a sense of belonging…I have no friends…but I do attend a mental health clubhouse…so I kinda relate to people there…

I slowly slowly slowly seem to start to get a tiny bit of a sense of belonging back. It is still deeply unstable and breakable like a thin layer of ice. But i can look with more mildness to others and trust them a little. Sometimes. That sense of “I belong to myself” is still mostly missing. That is great, that you have that.

I went through a period of wanting to belong. And once I knew that was never going to happen I let go of that desire and moved on. I’m just a girl on a rock in space. :earth_americas: