Do any of your voices sneeze?

Today I heard someone sneeze and soon after yell my mothers name. My mom is creepy and stalks me…seriously…she has been for my entire life. I know she was outside my house,but no one believes me. I am positive it was her and a man.

Um, yeah.
Your mom stalks you your entire life, because she gave birth to you and knows where you live.
Why don’t you invite the poor lady in for a nice cup of tea?
Doesn’t seem very country like to keep the old lady thirsty outside.


That made me laugh! My mother is a beast! I am 45 now, she needs to leave me be, already! I moved to the country to get away from her!

@countryskrazygirl If your mom is elderly, it’s unlikely she would be able to just show up out in the country. How would she get there?

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My mom is a motorcycle rider! And she was there…sure as sh**t.

That’s kinda funny. Now I’m envisioning this :smile:


She probably didn’t bike out just to sneeze and go home. If she was there she probably would have rung the bell. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to otherwise.


That’s her! LMAO! I love this forum!


That’s like…actually a picture of your mom? Wtf lol how do other people have it

@Lexicon I think she was joking. This was just a random photo I found via Google (searched “elderly motorcycle mama”). Also, in this day and age helmets are required :grin:

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LOL but that granny gives no f*cks about helmet laws, clearly.

I was, indeed, joking…however,it resembles her very well!

My voices aren’t audible so no sneezing, thank God. I have one voice and it is in my head.