Do any of you struggle with your communication skills?

I do. Sometimes I think I must have borderline aspergers. Even the work of a receptionist seems difficult to me and I wonder whether I am mildly autistic. How do you know?

I can hold a conversation for about 20 minutes then I start to dry up :frowning_face:

I don’t start very many conversations, but once someone starts one with me, sometimes I find it hard to shut up!

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I tend to have a hard time knowing what is appropriate. Especially in person where I don’t get as much time as I need to reply. Plus I have a nervous laughter and that sometimes causes problems because I laugh hysterically at awkward times.

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I think I am just introverted

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Me too but it effects me professionally. I’m avoiding potential work because I doubt my interpersonal skills.

I used to work as a receptionist last year and I hated answering the phone and having conversations with strangers all of the time but it did get easier over time. I went from stuttering every time I answered the phone to being able to sound somewhat professional.

It did bother me a little that I wasn’t as sociable as my other colleagues but I guess as long as you are polite to customers then it doesn’t matter if you’re not really confident and bubbly.

I’m not trying to play down what you’re saying but if you knew me in real life then you’d know how socially awkward I can be! There are quite a few online tests that might give you an idea of how far your are on the autism spectrum. If you get quite a high score, then you could raise your concerns with a GP? :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s either social anxiety or I’m on the spectrum in a very mild way. I do struggle though.

I don’t trust those online tests. I took like a million of them one year because someone questioned me and then I scored really high on all of them indicating I was definitely on the spectrum. It’s ■■■■■■■■. There’s no way I’m autistic.

I struggle to make eye contact with others. Don’t start conversations but will talk if spoken to. With very close people like my parents or husband or best friend, I will be more animated.

Oh yes, and don’t ask me to make a phone call! It’s monumentally difficult! My heart races if I’m forced to make a call. Answering phones is a little easier but overall I’m not a phone person! The Ritvo test

These are not clinical diagnoses but will give you an idea of whether you may be on the spectrum.

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