Do any of you schizophrenics use earmuffs to cope with your illness? If yes, what has been your experience?

Last August-September, my neighbor was having a yard sale. I bought a high quality pair off of her for $2. I started wearing them all of the time (I am very sensitive to loud noises.) It is now May, and I have noticed that the voices are much nicer to me. I have had schizophrenia since 2007 btw. I often wonder if my illness has improved because of them.

Does anyone else use earmuffs?


This is so interesting. I don’t hear voices but I find that fascinating.

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I wear an ear plug in my left ear to stop radio transmissions.

It helps.

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But I might try that
When I get my breakthrough symptoms I wear eye mask which helps

Can’t comment from the perspective of it lessening SZ symptoms, but I’ve only just weened myself off of NEEDING ear plugs to sleep. It’s been three months now and I’m doing okay. The habit was seven years strong before that. At this stage, I’m tempted to whip them back out during the day, but I think I have a better idea: Vagus nerve stimulating ear-plugs that

synchronizes nerve stimulation with sound, allowing the user to experience qualities of music never felt before.

Sounds good to me. Pun intended, though these are in pre-order stage currently.

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yeah actually thats a great idea.

I use to work at this place when the voices were really screwing with me until I stuffed cotton in my ears and it worked great,my coworkers were non-plused so I just said that I had allergies.

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Oh thanks! If is okay if you tell me why you find it fascinating?

You can really hear radio transmissions? How?

Does wearing an earplug really work? And how?

If you read up on how a radio works… It seems familiar… Like how a brain might pick up ideas that are in the air… Really wild stuff!

I am also very sensitive to sound, but I use noise cancelling headphones. It is unpleasant for me to be outside without my headphones.

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The ones that I got at that yard sale are “Bilsom 1010924.” These seem really good… I put earbuds on underneath incase I want to hear something

Ive heard of those… Do they work really good? I wish I could try them before I bought them

Whoa… That looks high tech… I guess we all had the same ideas in one way or another… I used to use ear plug too… I would get them from an old job that I don’t have anymore

Yes mine work very well. They don’t completely cancel out everything though so I want better ones, like mine only muffle voices but cancel out lower pitch sounds like cars and buses which tend to be much louder. I want one that blocks out everything. But they definitely make being outside in the city tolerable and even pleasant.

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Lol Sweet! These are the ones that I use are Bilsom 1010924… Mine were $2 because I got them at a yard sale lol… New ones cost around $20… So not that expensive.

How does it cancel out noise? Also, does it cover your whole ears? I wanted to buy them a long time ago… but I wasn’t sure.

That it’s the earmuffs that coincided with the voices becoming more pleasant. Feeling the fluff and nicer voices just sound like they go together well.

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Oh thanks… I was just wondering if there was a deeper story behind it. I have tried to get into the habit of asking people more info about stuff they say.

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I like that. It will help you build an opinion of your own. I only wish more people would ask questions when I say things like that.

It covers my whole ears. (But doesn’t cup around them just covers outside) It cancels out noise by playing a sound at a certain frequency that meets with another sound at the same frequency. The two then cancel each other out, creating silence.

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Whoa! That sounds cool and high tech lol… I saw some just now… There are cheap ones and really expensive ones lol… I might have to try them before I buy.