Do any of you remember 2-door cars?

When I was a child, cars came in 2-door or 4-door. With a 2-door, you bent the top of the front seat forward and sort of squeezed in the back. The back seats had no doors. I don’t remember when they quit making them. Do any of you know?
Well, there’s a childhood memory that isn’t so horrible!


They still make 2 door cars, not as popular as they once used to be. Some sporty cars come with 2 doors.

My 2000 Chevy Coupe is a two-door. How about those tiny little windows that Volkswagen Beetles used to have? They called them “Wind Wings” or something. They opened vertically. The driver and passenger side had them.

Seems like I was always the one who had to climb in the back. And you can’t get out till the person in the front seat does.

I ended up with a two seat car for a while. My dad said there wouldn’t be any back seat smooching if I didn’t have a back seat.

I had an old Wolkwagen Beetle (1972) that I purchased in 1989 and I sold it in 2009 at 550 euros. It had only two doors and had some mechanical problems, but there are people who fix these and keep these for some special purposes. I believe there are a lot of these autos in Latin-America.