Do any of you people like Post Malone?

What do you think of this guy?

He seems pretty cool and laid back sort of guy. He’d be interesting to have a conversation with. I’m not really into his music though, that’s just my taste in music talking.

I dig his hairstyle.

Hes good. He def expanded his demograph since he first blew up.

I heard they studied his music at some California school and he’s very “unoriginal” everyone’s like “oh his music sounds so unique!!!” But that really isn’t the truth. He’s nominated for pop Grammys instead of rap. I’m honestly not a huge fan of his but some songs I like.

Not a fan. But, then, i don’t like most of the rappers nowadays. The ones i’ve heard anyways.

Very proud to say that not a single song of his is on my station.

Never heard of him

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Like some of his music but not him personally

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