Do any of you like being stood over while on the toilet?

Jfc. GTFO. No privacy to wipe your ass. What kind of drug makes you think it’s a good idea to listen to a dump? That was the end all of it . Jc go to hell

Is this for real , ie someone watching you as you dump,or are you going through a bad time mentally?

Damn near every time except when the ■■■■■■■ is at work

Roxanna if you have a fan you can turn on in the bathroom I would turn it on. So you cant hear as much noise and it’s hard for somebody to hear you.


I’ve done that before .thx I’ll do that again.


My wife likes me to go and talk to her while she is on the toilet. I think that’s weird.

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Lol. That is weird. I was mad last night.

Funny subject but no weirdness to report.

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