Do any of you guys play call of duty black ops 4?

It’s downloading onto my ps4 right now. Im a newb with time I’ll be good


No, I’m against loot boxes. I had diamond everything in Black ops 2 though, and dark matter in 3. I always quit after the first few months when they add loot boxes.

Ruin is my fave, the grappling hook is cool you should try it.

I’ve played CoD a decent amount. I prefer Battlefield though.

What does loot boxes mean?

Some of the new weapons you get from loot boxes with random contents. In the past, the only way to get the new weapons from the expansion was to get them via loot boxes, and they are painfully slow to unlock with game play. They are there to entice you to spend extra money on CoD points. Sometimes it takes people fifty to a hundred dollars to unlock the new gun. When black ops 3 came out with the shotgun pistol I was so sad, I couldn’t afford to gamble for it.

Most of the guns you can access without the boxes though.

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The bad company and back series was the best for battlefield. I played cod before they implemented jetpacks and loot boxes. Those were the days.

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