Do any of you do ‘strategic giving’?

I put this in the diagnosed category purposefully.

Funny is I’ve started this more up after the college admissions scandal.

I’m more innocent than I’m portraying though… it is giving first and foremost.

Do any of you find yourselves in a similar mindset at this time? I’d be interested to discuss it.

I’m not sure what “strategic giving” means.

Well… I gave some to the local volunteer fire department and eventually commented it was in honor of my 15 year old cousin.

Previously I had been gifting him coins bc I have a hobby there, but the aforementioned approach is easier to receive is what I’m learning.

It’s elegant which is how I want to see myself.

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That sounds really cool.

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My gf and i like to be givers. We come across people in our life with various needs and if possible we try to help. It has been a blessing to us because we have been in need lately and have found ourselves on the receiving end so we’re reaping what we’ve sown for sure.

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That’s a nice way to do it

I’ve always been in favor of anonymous donations. Particularly because our billionaire governor of Illinois always wants `credit’ for his donations, while writing things off on his taxes that he gets in trouble for.

I’d say most people want credit for their donations. Most as in >50%. And the cynical side of me would say `most’ could go up to >80%. Idk.

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That’s nice I’m glad to hear that.

I said I put this in the diagnoses category for a reason.

Another example that was not so smart was I have a little to the university MIT in light of my nephew who is ‘gifted’. BUT he is 7 and lives on the opposite coast.

They sent a letter to my residence and my old man and my mom got scared of my judgement.

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I was giving a little money briefly, but I had a Shingles shot I’m going to have pay, maybe $230.00, and the dentist was $140.00. So I can’t give anything right now.

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I know what you mean. A person still has to know things about themself and live with themself. But it’s the youth that makes me attach a name.

I’m still a bit of a god fearing person. And tomorrow I may choose differently : )

I also have to watch myself on things like that. I like to help out, but some of my thoughts could be innapropriate

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I know we all have the thoughts and at the same time circumstances.

A shingles vaccine is too important to deprive yourself of… and dentists are also really important.

I was a huge saver in a previous life… and now the pendulum is swinging in the other direction.

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I’ve been donating to the Compassion Center. They feed and shelter homeless people. I was homeless for about three months back in 2008. My case manager rented the apartment I currently live in after my disability pay came through.


So you pay rent to your case manager? I’m sorry I couldn’t quite understand what you meant on that.

If I were born with just slightly different circumstances I know I’d get at least some experience with being homeless.

My case manager works for my psychiatric care provider. They were the Representative Payee of my Social Security Disability benefits (USA). That means Social Security pays my money to my psychiatric care provider. They manage my money and pay my rent. About three years ago, they let me have my own money, and I started paying the rent myself.

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Oh I see! I’m on SSDI myself… I forget that the 8 years I worked in corporate were paved by my parents staying together, paying my college tuition, and a lot more.

A foundation I guess.

I remember your previous posts on alcohol… I have the bug too. Do you have family who care for you? You seem young to me compared to what I think you shared.

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I’m 61 years old. My mom died February 2018, and my only immediate family is a sister and an uncle, both of whom live out of state. I have two aunt-in-law’s that are in-state. I used to live with my mom, but she went into a nursing home in 2010. She put me out of her house in 2008 mainly because I was unmedicated. I vandalized her car and threatened to burn the house down, were the main reasons the Judge granted her an Order of Protection. I was working part-time for my aunt-in-law, but she retired, and I lost my job.


I see. I don’t know what to say. Do you have full control of your finances or do you just get part of them, like an allowance?

I ask for selfish reasons… I think we as a family want me to maintain control of that stuff, AND have a group home…

Sorry if this is TMI, I’m weird on that front and have trouble controlling it. It feels like giving more than taking but maybe I’m missing a piece of the puzzle… :slight_smile:

As of three years ago I have full control of my finances. I dropped out of college and went to work when I was 19. I worked weekends when I was 14, and started working summer jobs when I was 16. The SzA didn’t hit me until I was 30. I was living on my own until I came down with SzA.

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I wasn’t procecuted in 2008 because of my mental illness, but I was Court ordered into treatment.

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I understand completely. Episodes and or psychosis make us do and choose messed up word choices…

This has been nice… I am starting the day on the right note and will look for you especially on the alcohol stuff!!

Connection fights addiction, as was said to me once!