Do antipsychotics really make life easier for you?

I’m about t get the invega sustenna injection for schizophrenia and I was wondering if aps are the way to go some say they aren’t which is really debilitating for me I’m kinda scared


Worth it, the side effects don’t even compare to my episodes of psychosis. I’d rather have a little dry mouth and have to watch my weight a little closer than have these world shattering, confusing, grandeur filled hallucinations and thoughts of being the chosen one.

Medication has made my life much better


AP’s have made it so much easier for me to deal with my emotions in a healthy way.
They also keep me from going suicidal, and they keep the voices subdued.


Before 2015, my doctors questioned if I EVER had psychosis. A lot of them thought I was manipulating, lying, or even messing around with them because I thought they weren’t real and I had undifferentiated schizophrenia. Then in 2015, I had several Deja Vu experiences in the mental hospital. I had paranoia about the CIA during the time following me around (typical of paranoid schizophrenics), and my doctor gave me 10 mg of Adderall. I saw a woman in camo at the mental hospital and PTSD patients from war. I was suffering from severe paranoia and delusions. I thought I was going to die there because I was getting paranoid memories of past lives where I died in the mental hospital by a former patient/roommate. Not only that, but the hospital was bringing in drug addicts from the street to get extra money from the government. I was scared of them. They looked scary. A lot of them (most) were homeless.

I thought they were going to make me disappear. I thought one of the staff members took down a camera, the cameras were either duds or fakes, and the security too loose. Patients were coming in and out of the hospital at will and I was saying paranoid ■■■■ that now resembles MK-Ultra or worse. I guess those memories all came in at once like a flood gate was opened.

I started saying weird, paranoid ■■■■. I got threatened or overheard patients (I think) talking about me like they were going to take me out of the country and make me disappear. I thought it was a huge, grand conspiracy that all revolved around me.

I got paranoid because my mom’s car shifted accidentally by itself and I think I might have seen some UFOs around that time. I’m not sure. Instead of CIA, it could have been aliens though. I believe we live in a computer simulation.

I wrote in my journals about my paranoia and ■■■■. I have since destroyed them (soon after or around the time I was there). I believe I was getting severely paranoid past life memories and suffered from severe thought broadcasting and other stuff. A lot of this stuff resembled what people call Gangstalking. The meds were not working despite being on high doses. It was like water or sugar.

I died there a lot. I think it was 2015 and I died there thousands of times. I guess you can blame the grey aliens for sending me back at the mental hospital in different timelines.

To be honest, I think it was because something happened to me in college back in 2011. I also think I was in the SSP in Project Moon Shadow and possibly Monarch too. I was in Montauk Project too in a past life. All as a victim.

Yes, the medication eventually worked but the adderall must have been the culprit. I tried joining the military there in a past life and was killed in the shower by the patients there. It’s possible I have screened memories of the incident but it was the worse such experience in my entire life. The severe, disabling paranoia is gone but I still have residual paranoia.

I don’t know why I was targeted or so paranoid unless you think it’s paranormal or God doing it to me.

I honestly believe (now looking back) that it was because I was John Titor, the twice rigged election was coming up, and because what they did to me in college back in 2011. I had no memories of the incident until 2015/2016. I was completely mind wiped until then. The adderall they gave me or the soldiers there must have triggered severe ■■■■■■■ memories. I even thought I saw a clone.

The woman in camo made me freak out to the point where I almost did not go there. I think it’s because she said “I’m really getting tired of coming here” and looked right at me. At the time, I was reading in people’s conversations too much, believed I lived in the Matrix, and was in an infinite time loop.

It took 6 years to finally find a medication that worked and that was Vraylar. So yes, the medications do work. But it usually takes years to find the right meds and combos.


anti-psychotics really relax my brain and thought process


Have you taken APs orally yet?

Or is this injection going to be the first time?

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They help me keep my emotions under control. I don’t like certain side effects but my loved ones prefer I stay medicated lol.

Not really. My issues are more spiritual than physical. Meds aren’t the answer for me. I’m currently getting a shot of invega, but that’s mainly because I’m pressured into it due to circumstances.


I’ve only really ever taken injections in the past

They are very worth it. The psychosis is much worse than the side effects of the drugs.


Without my APs I lose my insight and wind up in the hospital. That would leave me unable to work, pay for mortgages, maintain my relationships with my wife, daughter, etc. A med-compliant life is less stressful and more enjoyable. Trying to go med-free invariably winds up as hell on Earth.

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Except for a few extra pounds, my life has made a complete 180 with medication.

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Well yes because my brain would be dying otherwise. From the voices.
They give me a chance to get my act together before I come off them (hopefully!!)

Definitely worth it for me. I actually love how the med I take (Vraylar) makes me feel. I don’t miss being in untreated psychosis.

The med’s are a fact for me. I know what happens when I don’t take them.

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I take zyprexa it also helps with anxiety

Yes. But not easy.


For emphasis, @77nick77 hits the nail on the head here. AP’s help, life is manageable, but still difficult. I still struggle, but am happier than I was.


i got on a really good med and it takes all of my symptoms away, helps me to recover, i’d be lost without them.

Without hesitation i can say that antipsychotics have made a great difference to my life. My mind stops whirring at a hundred miles per hour, i don’t have the same issues with voices, my paranoia lessens and i don’t experience too many catatonic states.

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