Do alot of people still keep online lives secret?

Today many people spend alot of time online. But, doing so and even terms like online gamer still seem very taboo and arent discussed by many or the media much. Opinions, thoughts? Why is it all still so hush hush? Honestly, I like to use the term, the underground, for it all.

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I am very private person when it comes to online.

Do not like it when people pry

If someone asks to use my phone I say no as its full access to my online life, and I don’t think it’s anyones business but my own

There are few people who’d take an interest in my anyways, so it’s easy just to live online outside of work


I don’t care, really. I’ve shown things I’ve said on here to my husband. Especially when I made a big post about how I’m mentally declining. Instead of trying to describe my thoughts again, verbally, I just show him the post. Much easier.

He has seen my comments on Imgur. I like to post silly comments on silly posts. I don’t like the political posts and junk like that. I just like silly animal posts and stuff like that.

I’m the same person online who I am offline. Maybe I sound different through text on a screen? But I’m the same person. I say the same stuff, same opinions, and everything, in real life.

However, I don’t say exactly where I live, online. I don’t post pictures of my husband, cause he wants his own privacy and no pictures of him on the internet. So, I do have some privacy in that regard. But that’s just cause you gotta be safe on the internet.

We know each other, on this forum, but we don’t really know each other. And it should stay that way, in my opinion. I know some of you guys pretty well, like your interests, your thoughts, your troubles, your face (selfies), and stuff. But that’s it. :slight_smile:

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Do you think “the underground” is an accurate description of this huge semi secret world of the internet?

I suppose it could be

There are things I don’t want people I know to see or read about me

Namely mental health forums, INTJ forum, dating sites etc

It is underground as I keep it to myself and seperate them

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Well, no doubt most have done things online they may regret some. Im not here to judge,was just trying to explain the phenomenon.

I think people who have nothing to hide from what they do online are lying!

Definitely a private thing

Don’t know why I haven’t got a VPN as I don’t like the idea of third parties selling my browsing history to make money from advertising


Haha - Not always true. I aint got nothing to hide. Im only ever on here or youtube anyway lol. The facebook even got binned the other day.

Yeah, I don’t really have anything to hide either. I’m either on here or researching something in the search engine. Not really anything anyone would probably be that interested in.

Edit: I don’t like the idea of companies using my browsing history to try to sell me stuff though.

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Mcafee Antivirus were doing an offer on amazon, 11 quid for a years subscription with a vpn included. I use that now - but keep it inside the uk so it dont screw up the geo-location checks for the on-demand services.

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I doubt my online life is a secret everything I have is hacked. Everyone knows everything about me over here anyways. Thought I lived in a big city but apparently not everyone knows me. I think the bar would set me up with someone! I’ve told some people that I am on this forum.

I don’t think many people spend too much time online. I also don’t think gaming is childish. Those are old people’s judgmental opinions. Watching cable TV and posting all your opinions on Facebook is what we need to stop.

It’s hard to remain anonymous and maintain privicy online now a days. Your records are in medical, government and corporate databases, and those get hacked and released online in large data dumps. Friends and family post photos of you on social media.

Some activities can remain secret, but a lot is already out there.

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