DNA damage and differences between schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder


“Moreover, psychotropic drugs did not induce any DNA damage to the lymphocytes according to in vitro analyses. The use of clozapine and adequate repair processes of the patients were the decisive factors in the prevention of DNA damage. The results of this study provide a reexamination of schizoaffective disorder within the schizophrenia spectrum and indicate that schizoaffective disorder may be considered a different diagnostic category.”


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It looks like oxidative stress is an important marker of sz disorders. To counteract this condition you need to take anti-oxidants (fruit and veggies, maybe additional supplements) in your diet.


And clozapine apparently helps with DNA repair, or the prevention of damage, maybe another reason it is so often effective.


@twinklestars don’t go about recommending clozapine.
Even among the APs, notorious for their dangerous side effects, clozapine stands out as being
very dangerous.


I’m not saying anyone should take it or not take it (talk to your doctor). I am repeating the findings of the study.

Clozapine is considered to be very effective, but it is not fully understood why, or why it works for some people for whom nothing else works. If it helps prevent DNA damage as suggested in the study, that is an interesting mechanism of action.