DMG - The best supplement for negative symptoms, depression, anxiety and improving cognition, mood, libido, energy, workout

That’s true, but at least it’s fda approved device and people are giving good reviews about it.

I just got my dmg order.

How should I take them? It says to take 1 pill 3 times a day.

Can I take 2 pills for breakfast and 1 in lunch?

Just one needed preferably first thing in the morning.

@pr21 have you tried any nitric oxide supplements?

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no, does it have any cognitive benefits?

It’s a vasodilator so it may have cognitive benefits with increased blood flow to the brain

Its not safe I think as its usually given for those who have heart issues for opening up clogged arteries.

I think I’ll add niacin b3 to my regimen since it raises blood flow. Ill probably take 500mg non flushing niacin to start with.

I tried niacin flush version. No effect on cognition though skin become reddish.

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Also be aware that niacin raises blood sugar.

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My amyloban 3399 lowers blood glucose

Lione’s mane mushroom causes tiredness probably due to some effect on metabolism/thyroid function.

I’m doing pretty good with it when I take two pills three times a day

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However once I was off of it for month, I could do threadmill more easily with increased energy.
I’m taking it to prevent thought broadcasting, but I may stop it again soon with added supplements

I took lione’s mane mushroom straight for a month and did blood test. Thyroid function reduced, white blood cell count increased, cholesterol levels increased. So discontinued. Also it affecting sleep because of vivid dreams. Gives tired feeling during day time.

I’ve read that it should lower cholesterol.
I really dont want it to increase since my ldl was 159 last time I checked before I got into amyloban.

Tiredness is an indication that it reduces metabolism so probably it worsens cholesterol levels too. Do check your cholesterol levels regularly. Also its better to check thyroid TSH level too as it increased my TSH. After discontinuation it returned to normal.

It’s been year since I have checked last time

So check as soon as possible or withdraw its use for safety.

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Probably a good idea since I’ve been laying on bed most of time since 2019 fed/march.
Need to get back on threadmill