Divorce - (Opposite of Marriage)

Absolutely not!!! I adore my husband. He’s the greatest man I’ve ever known in my life


People are sometimes invested in a relationship or marriage. Ending it is not like taking the remote control for a TV and turning off the TV.

Its not a bad a heist to take Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos for billions.

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Financial compensation for the spousal divorce was quite beneficial for Melinda French and MacKenzie Scott. Unfortunate as it is, that is the result of high stakes billionaire divorces.

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My sister just had an emotional affair by someone who is probably cat fishing her. The other man offered her husband 6.5 million dollars to walk away. It didn’t comfort him and he fell into a downward spiral. Very sad!

I got a divorce but came back to live with my children, as I only had visitation due to my SZA. Marriage is hard y’all!

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I am sad to hear this story about your sister as well as yourself. If only there was a true honor system to remain monogamous to your spouse then problems like this will not arise.

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