Divorce - (Opposite of Marriage)

I find that a marriage relationship will have its up & downs. But does the marriage relationship get to the point of the dissolution of the legal binding agreement of the union? With or without children?

I ask because in Chinese entertainment news, a Taiwanese singer named 王力宏 and his wife just announced their divorce in the past week. They have 3 children: 2 daughters and a son.

I never tried to get married. I’ve always thought the challenge was too great.

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What were the challenges that were too great?

I like the idea of marriage especially a small wedding with a beautiful dress.


I do not like how there’s so much effort in splitting up with official marriages.

It puts me off.

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I didn’t know where to begin. I only knew my parents were unhappy.

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There will be good times and bad times in both a relationship and marriage. But does the dissolution of a marriage really worth it since marriage is supposed to be legally binding. Relationships, no big loss since there is no written commitment.

All married couples need to face this possible reality if the relationship ever gets to this point.

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Did your parents divorce or stay together?

My husband and I almost divorced a few years ago. We fought all the time. Nasty insults and sniping at each other all day. Just sick of each other.

After my breakdown we got marriage counseling. It really helped us see things from each other’s point of view. I firmly believe it saved our marriage and we are stronger now than ever.


They stayed together.

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Glad that marriage counseling worked for you and your husband. There are good times and bad times so I guess the good times won you and your husband over.

Not sure why the Chinese celebrity I mentioned didn’t go through marriage counseling. But who knows.

Unhappily? For the sake of the children or some other reason?

Once you are sick of each other do you think the good times will come again? I don’t think so.
What if one person has found another one they like better?

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Yes, they can come back. All it takes is a little understanding and work.

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Is this a simple relationship or a marriage you are asking in reference to this scenario?

I’ve been divorced for a while now.
Never again.

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They needed each other.

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I have not had anything in mind. But you can assume its a marriage. You think if its a marriage, maybe even with kids, they have obligations? Who says so? Then why can you just ignore the obligations.

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Yes, obligations of providing a family environment for the sake of the children. But then again, after the kids turn 18 the divorce papers come filing in as we have seen with Bill Gates and Melinda French.

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Divorcing my ex husband was the best thing I could have done. He was downright mean. Now I’ve been with my current husband for 8 years and I couldn’t be happier


Is there a possibility that you are staying with your 2nd husband only because you don’t want to go through the divorce proceedings again? Glad you have a man in your life.

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