^^^ - (Dividing /|\ Tha /|\ Lyne) - ^^^

OK ,

So I Have A Question That I Feel is Important ,

Is Thus True For You (???) ,

Here , -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> ((( Someone Elses Pain Can Get You Throo Your Own Fear (???) )))

and Hopefully As Naught Within Laughter As You Gulp Down Tequila and SPit Out Your Large Meaty Lunch ,

" EW (!!!) " - LADY GAGA ,

So Tha Point Is Thus ,

Have You Ever Tried To Fynde Pain Within Someone Else To Help You Get Throo Your Own Fear (???) ,

and If You Did Do That OR Do That All Tha T(Y)me I Shall Ask You Thus ,

Why Do You Do That (???) ,

and That Question Is Within Confusion and A Slight Of Indifference ,

So Feel Free To Explain To Me How You Fynde Your Way Out Of Tha Coffin Of Fear ,

With A Tag Of Someone Elses Pain OR Within Someone OR Something Else ,

OR As Within You and Yourself ALONE ,

I Would Lyke To Know ,

and If You Are Within A Completely Different Blue Bubble On Tha Subject Of FEAR Please Explain To Me Step = By = Step ))) How You Worm Out Of Your Personal Coffin Within That Different Realm …

((* Have A Great Dai Errrone ))*) .

I try to keep my eyes open and see the person behind the façade. I don’t think I’m looking for their pain… and I’m not afraid…

But when I do see a person struggling… I’m more patient with them. Some of the uglier parts of my prejudgment of others will go away when I see that others are having just as hard a life as I am.

when I start getting irritated with people to the point were I can taste a bit of the anger… I do look for people weak spots… Not to exploit… but to humanize.

Thus Is Interesting To Me ,

I Have Been Throo Many-ish Moments From Those On Thee Outside ,

Who Point , Almost Screaming , As If INVASION’s Ending Was Almost Up ,

and Once Again The Disgusting Laughter Filled My Inner Ears With Such Annoyance ,

That All I Can Do Freely ,

Is Roll My e(Y)e’s and Wish It Away ,

and As You Say “looking for weak spots” ,

What Used To Be Weak , Is Now Nothingness , Which CAN STILL Be Hurt ,

It Jus Takes A Bit More T(Y)me ,

and I Shall Say Thus ,

Unless Tis Myne Own “ignorance” , OR ,

Whatev’s ,

I Onli See A Terror With What You Say Within “humanize” ,

As If You Say Something Lyke , “DONT YOU SEE IT (!!!) , =sliceslicesliceslice= DONT YOU SEE IT (???)” ,

I Suppose I Shall Say , PERHAPS ,

Hitler-ish and A Sort Of Animal Cruelty … ,

Feel Free To Correct Me On Thine Own Self Within Both Blue Bubbles …