Disturbing news about my daughter

my daughters boyfriend came into my room earlier saying he had to talk to me about sam. he told me she is hearing voices and seeing the spirit of a girl she believes she killed with cancer. she has not said a word to me about any of this but he is very worried about her mental health. she is paranoid anyway and wouldn’t go to her prom or a busted concert as there were too many people there and it would freak her out. she has a morbid fear of doctors and it has taken me a year to get her to see one after a diagnosis of m.e. (chronic fatigue) I don’t know whether she is really seeing and hearing this stuff or whether she is just having morbid fantasies as this is the first i’ve heard of it. i don’t know what to do as i don’t want to betray bradley’s trust in me and he’s scared she’ll dump him if she knows he’s told me but he couldn’t not tell me as he is so worried about her mental state. she is only 17 and i don’t want her on tablets as they will make her fat and that will make her even worse as she is borderline anorexic. please help. any advice would b helpful. thanx in advance

i’m sorry @jaynebeal that is horrible news,

17 years old is too young to be going through all of that.

i hope she is ok and gets help, can you talk to her and ask her if she is ok?

let her know that you are there for her and you will always be there for her if she needs you, tell her that you care about her and that you love her.

i really hope she can get help

Some medications don’t cause much weight gain. I take ziprasidone (Geodon) BECAUSE i can’t gain weight, I am trying to stay 165lbs for a weight class. I ate too much over the holidays and gained three lbs, but it’s muscle, and I will have to lose it, and I lost 13lbs last time I quit working out due to an injury. Geodon is known to cause very little weight gain, odds are she wont get fat from it. I accidentally built my arms and back up too big, I did some bodybuilding with a friend over winter break and I am debating whether or not to lose a few lbs or go up a weight class, which would mean gaining 13lbs.

Latuda is also known to cause very little weight gain.

Latuda and Geodon are the least sedating and weight gain causing meds.

thanx dreamer. first thing i should do is take her off her meds for m.e. and c if that makes a difference. the problem is getting her to talk to me about it. i’m gonna have to tell bradley that he has to tell her that he’s told me. i can c skin and hair flying here. i hope she doesnt finish with him because of it as he really makes her happy.

thanx mouse but those drugs aren’t available in the uk yet. thanx for trying though. xxx

@jaynebeal, i think maybe if she needs her M,E, meds she should keep taking them, chronic fatigue does not sound good and the doctor will know best what medication she can try (if it comes to that).

on the part about telling her who told you, that is tricky, if it were me i would not tell her but let him try to break it to her gently and hopefully she will know how concerned he was about her to tell you,

also idk how close you are to her and how often you see her but i would try and spend some more time with her (not too much tho) if you are able and if you notice anything just ask her if she is ok, just let her know that you care about her and that you are there for her.

jaynebeal - Fasten your seat belt. It could be another physical disease causing her to be like this. It could be drugs/meds causing her to be like this. It could be fantasy - imagination, there could be a bunch of other explanations for this. I think it would be wise for you to get to the bottom of this. You will probably have to confront her. This does not have to mean sz or psychosis, but be prepared if it is.

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thats what i’m hoping wave, that it’s just a fantasy for attention. if she needs attention, i’ll give it to her by the bucketload. i’m just hoping that it’s not psychosis, especially not this young. xxx

There are many early psychosis centers around the world that can help early signs of psychosis from turning into full-blown schizophrenia (research is suggesting). They have therapy approaches that lower stress and identify unhealthy thinking patterns that cause stress. I recommend you contact one asap:


Jane I am so sorry. I don’t know what to say but Abilify is available in the uk and has been weight neutral for me.

Well after thinking about it all knight I’mwondering if these r just morbid fantasies. SShe’s been watching a lot of supernatural and went through a phase of lining the doors with salt to ward off demons. She has told her boyfriend a few fantastic lies. He’s not angry with her, he’s just worried for her and I’m wondering if this is the same thing. I don’t want to put her on meds if she’s just fantasizing. It seems her grip on reality is tenuous at best. Maybe it’sthe shock of losing her dad to cancer in w2012 that sent her off the rails a bit.I dodon’t know. I won’t know anything until she talks about it so I’m trying not to worry right now. First thing is to get Bradley to tell he’s told me and c where we go from there. Thanx for all ur responses. Xxx

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Do you guy’s have a family therapist? Loosing her dad and knowing how you have been battling your SZ back and just the trauma of being 17. (I really am beginning to see 17 and 18 as trauma years for everyone) She’s most likely coming to the end of high school and getting ready for that next step that also sorts out friends and previous activities. I’m sure she has a lot on her plate. It sounds like nothing to mess around with but as you well know, getting her talking is important.

You can just offer it out there… There is a family therapist if you want to talk to someone other then me… I know teen’s don’t like going to their parents. The teen I live with sure doesn’t. Good luck and I’m hoping it’s just panic, stress and growing-up and not something worse.

I’m rooting for you.

Thanx j… bcoz of her m.e. she wasn’t well enough to finish school and is quite isolated apart from her boyfriend and a few friends. I’m hoping that it’s just morbid fantasy from the programme “supernatural”. She was offered a therapist last year and flat out said no, not interested. The first stage is getting her talking about it to me or a Dr which is going to b difficult as she has a fear of them after het dad dying. Hopefully once het boyfriend tells her he’s told me she’ll b open to discussing it with me. Then we can c whether she’s really hallucinating or just indulging in some demon fantasies. The first step is talking I guess and we’ll c where we go from there. Xxx

with psychotic drugs she cant remain anorexic cause they make her to eat a lot and she cant resist it, maybe taking meds is good for her both anorexia and psychosis. after that if she is getting fat she can use calory burners such as green tea and all the herbal stuff in the market, what’s her med?

She is on cinnarizine and pain killers at the moment. She loves green tea though so that’s good. Xxx

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I know some people have the opinion of this girl must get on medication but just leave the poor lass alone. Medications have a lot of unwanted side effects, I’d never take my child to a Psychiatrist unless it was absolutely necessary. I’d just wait it out and see how the illness effects her, plenty of people live without medication.

I feel sorry for your daughter, but why expose her to medication ! you don’t have to do that, I never took medication and I function normally…it’s a period of time that it’s tough and I’m sure it will pass…

i’m over the initial panic now and thinking more clearly. today i asked her if she had any mental problems would she tell me and she said yes she would. i honestly think these r little fantasies about seeing dead people and hearing them as she seems to b ok in herself. i think it’s probably her way of dealing with past trauma to build a little fantasy world for herself. she lives in this little bubble in her ■■■■ pit of a room which i’m going to tidy up tomorrow hopefully while she’s out, if she goes out that is. i just hope her fantasies don’t lose her her boyfriend as he is very worried about her. i’m here if she needs me and i will offer her a therapist if that’s what she wants so panic over for now. i’ll just keep a special eye on her. thanx 4 all ur advice. xxxx