I need to be up early for work but due to recent events I cannot sleep. I’m gonna build a card tower with my obscene amount of playing cards. Itll be hard at first, anxiety is making me pretty shaky at the moment but I know that building it combined with music will help calm me

All the cards I’ve pulled together so far




Welp. Progress gone.


Not working for me tonight. Not distracted enough. It was fun though. Time to move to a different strategy. Either netflix or art next. Maybe both.


Sucks not being able to sleep :zzz:.

Hope you will find some peace and good sleep.

Nope. Not working. No sleep. Sleep bad.

i dont sleep much either

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How much sleep do you get at night? How much do you feel you want? Do you feel tired during the day? Your activities really intrigue me.
More to the point, it sounds like you lie in bed and can’t fall asleep, and you are concerned that you will feel tired when you get up in the morning for work.


I’m not concerned about being tired. I can handle that. Im concerned about not being able to properly care for my residents. I’m concerned about disappointing people by being tired. On average I get about 6 hours if I not dealing with bad nighttime anxiety. I want 6-8. I lay down to try to sleep then my anxiety kicks in. When my anxiety kicks in I freeze up. I’m stuck laying in bed with my mind going a million directions. If I catch it early enough I’ll start to scroll through ifunny or webcomics before the freeze sets in.

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