Distinguished Scientists Gather To Emphasize: “Matter” Is NOT The Only Reality

The horse picture/quote was a bit of fun & it was random from a post in my FB feed.

My truth is my truth - yours is yours. This thread is discussing the debate between a ‘scientific’ materialist & non-physical World view - there’s no need to read anything else into it all, nor to make it personal.

After 10 years of posting on-line i think there is a lot of cruelty & unkindness in what a lot of people post. i don’t think all ‘this’/the internet is very civil, but then my view is that humanity is still very uncivilised.

In my view the opposite is true - actual science disproves the materialistic paradigm.

Even says in your link that materialism is philosophical monism.

Also from the link -

Perhaps you can answer how materialism answers/proves that question?

My recovery has being medication based , I make no quams about it. And I have being on forums for years. There is conflict , no other way to put it , between people that take a wider philosophical approach and people that take a scientific approach. People who are more philosophical tend to be more antimedication people who are more scientific in their approach tend to be more pro medication. So we are at odds , until one of us change our minds. I can’t apologise for that. I have seen and witnessed through my own experience , people who do not take their medication even though they desperately need it ,for many of the reasons that you frequently highlight.


As a physics major myself, I would rather ask the original poster to elaborate about how this connects to mental health instead of shooting them down. Proper science sees in ALL directions. Are there any other physics majors out there understand how the mind is related to the stuff we see, feel and touch? Because positive symptoms affect this. Materialism is obviously surviving as truth but one part of this article that is right is that matter is NOT composed of discrete material objects. This is physics 101.


Well, i think it’s a very complex & in depth area/question. i take a pragmatic view & personally accept the diagnosis & current medication. i still feel i could have been/could be far better helped, & i’d think that applies to many people.

The debate about the nature of these experiences & best ways of treating/approaching it all is Not answered & it’s silly to pretend it is.

i’m Not opposed to a more comprehensive psychiatry, & nor am i opposed to a potential wise use of medication.

As a physics major what has the word ‘discrete’ got to do with anything.

It means individual part.

It still doesn’t mean anything

It means that there is No such thing as ‘physical matter’ - shown by science.

There is such a thing as physical matter. What I’m saying is that this matter exists the way it does to us because of how our brains interact with it. It’s not really something solid… it’s the exchange of energy via forces that create the image of matter in our minds.

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I’ll remember that next time someone throws a rock at me.


I’m getting the feeling that there’s some history here on the forums that I don’t know about. Knowledge is all I’m discussing. You never know what will have implications for things, philosophical or otherwise. And where did the medication thing come from? Regardless of how reality is constructed in our minds, medication is medication and it should be taken.

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I’m soooo glad I didn’t get involved in this thread… :anguished:

i think the defensiveness & reactions people have around this discussion are revealing.

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Arrrrrrgh… I’ve been involved :confounded:


Personally i’m very thankful that there is a computer screen between me & the internet/a lot of the people i communicate with.

I thought Apo’s point of science not validating materialism was well made. I personally believe that our universe contains more than just the material world, and that effective proof of this exists. Science is a valuable and excellent tool for validating belief systems, but scientists are largely thinking like materialists these days.

I think it’s in large part due to how scientific consensus is generated, everyone is afraid to step out of line and perhaps become a de facto scientific outcast.


It’s better being a brainwashed sheep.

Never ask the wrong questions - conform to the mass opinion.

What are everyone’s thoughts on sound manipulating energy into physical existence? All matter vibrates. if you cool something to absolute zero, theoretically speaking, the matter quits vibrating and melts into a wavelength. that’s just another word for energy right? energy plus sound makes up the physical universe or something like that. Its a theory Ive been delving into lately.

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Yea, a lot written on it all. Tom Kenyon is worth looking into.