Distinguished Scientists Gather To Emphasize: “Matter” Is NOT The Only Reality

Sure I do, but not much that’s practical at present. String theory is a wonderful mind puzzle and the math is absolutely fascinating. Quantum entanglement is also fascinating. They’re on the list of things I think about when I have spare time to think about such things, which isn’t often.

If there’s one avenue we should be pursuing right now, it’s gut bacteria in my opinion. I suspect there is a much higher level of communication going on between these wee beasties than we give them credit for.


Edit: It would be handy if we could figure out string theory properly. There are a few people I wouldn’t mind converting directly to anti-matter by juggling around their descriptors.

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Exactly!! It puts into question the whole method of healing and science behind physical and mental recovery. If matter itself can be physically manipulated by other means, then our ability to heal has to be 10x stronger than thought today. With current discoveries about expoplanets that are earth like, popping up like crazy, and advances in both neuroscience and astrophysics, there is a lot of potential to be ahead in technological discovery if the U.S. and other nations finally realize the human potential in each nation with our diverse abilities, not stifle and silence and instead harness our own knowledge to find answers to these new discoveries.

I’m interested in this; so quantum M theory states that matter itself vibrates on assimilar and similar strings but what causes the matter to entangle? If like-meets-like then it’s up to the creator to define the similar qualities which entangle matter. It makes sense because in WICCA associations are prescribed to spells–which are methods of causing the power of intention to work with the universe in a sense, so coloring a black stone green might cure a cancer cell, hypothetically, spells are ways we draw communication across space from one material object to another. I don’t practice it myself, but I have read a lot about it. The Placebo effect is a proven power of belief, or the sole intention of a person’s will to heal effectively causing physical change to the body, but that is just a thought influencing physical matter.

I want to know what crosses one space to another which actually defines the boundaries between one physical object and another. Wiccans would say Air, Fire, Water, Space, Earth etc. but there are more base elements. In Chinese Medicine they use attributes to the senses caused by base elements, HOT vs. COLD etc. Voodoo incorporates some of this too. many practices and faiths incorporate some form of ritual association in their belief system such as Christians and the blood being wine that was turned into wine from water by a prophet. I know or a fact that some other force can influence reality. I don’t know if I can singularly, but I want to figure out how to invent a method of influencing reality and manifesting creation without going having high tech machinery.

So far my only theory would be to figure out a way to directly communicate with apparitions that can.

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Understanding, healing & support does help - Ultimately i feel the self healing, transformation, understanding & learning has to come from ourselves.

i’ve been following a more formal alternative/spiritual healing path for close to 14 years & worked with many people & different modalities. Over the past year i’ve experimented a lot with radionics areas.

i think we have to let go of a lot of the past, surrender & take each day as it comes. A lot of acceptance is needed.

i’m Not saying that any of this is easy. Yes, everyone has difficulties & challenges, life is hard & this World is a tough place - i also think that some people have far harder lives & lessons than others.

i do believe that there is a way to self mastery - through self awareness/realisation. It is possible. Miracles of healing & transformation do occur in some peoples lives.

Personally, i’m taking a big step back from a lot of things that i have searched for. Am focusing on my own path, truth, Being, knowledge & wisdom. All answers are within - Have done my searching for an answer ‘out there’.

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i know that i harp on about it all. i wonder if it’s possible to get through to people living in the materialist box/paradigm? No amount of information/knowledge/argument/reasoning seems to make any difference.

From their own POV i suppose the materialists are right - & they are entitled to that position/paradigm. i think that paradigm is self reinforcing - it’s self confirms through the ego.

i wonder if the LHC will come up with anything that shifts people out of the 5 sense materialist paradigm? i wonder what can?

The argument that I’ve had the most success with is the fact that materialism is quite fragile. It only takes one good case of something that is supposed to be “impossible” to prove that as a view of the world it is incomplete at best. There are some key issues around the NDE debate, but the important thing is to confront the scientists with well documented, simple cases of the impossible from credible sources.

But it takes time, even after you accept that more is possible, for a new world view to start to formulate itself. You’re leaving the safe confines of science, which is a cozy tested, proven, consensus sane world, to accept as true part of a wilder hinterland full of dubious reports and possibly less-than-rigorous thinkers. Making sense of that and putting in place some structured thinking about what you will and what you won’t accept takes a while.

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:slight_smile: bro not being smart , but you are not exactly recovered. So everyone has got their ‘method’ but you more than anyone here want to change other people. Why dont you try to get your sh*t sorted first?

I reckon that’s a definite step in the right direction. Stuff out there can only take you so far, the rest of the way has to be done internally under ones own power.

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The system primarily - But i know it’s a lost cause.

Interesting that you think you know me from a collection of posts on a mental health forum.

& No, you’re Not being smart - that much is obvious.

I think its obvious that most serious scientists would many issues with this essay done by one small group of people. You are obviously searching far and wide to find SOMETHING that can support your biased view point. This is called the confirmatory bias. You really need to be looking at the vast amount of evidence that is counter to your own biases.

In fact - its not a “peer reviewed journal” - more just a editorial publication:

“Physics Essays” is not a peer-reviewed journal. From their own “Statement of Purpose”:

From source http://www.physicsessays.com/ :
Articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by scientific peers. Realizing the interchangeable roles of authors and reviewers, the positive aspect of the reviewing process will be retained by providing the authors with the reviewers’ comments. Authors should judge which part of the reviewers’ suggestions are appropriate to improve the quality of his or her paper. The editor, who is responsible for the Journal, will allow a large degree of freedom to the authors in this process.

Lots of issues pointed out here too:

Here are some samples of the scientists refuting this person’s essay:

The validity of the assertion that some recent double-slit interference experiments, conducted by Radin et al., would have tested the possible role of the experimenter’s mind in the collapse of the quantum wave function, is questioned. It is emphasized that quantum mechanics doesn’t need any psychophysical ingredient to explain the measurement processes, and therefore parapsychologists shouldn’t resort to the latter to support the possibility of psychokinesis, but search for more convincing explanations.


In 2008, Dean Radin published an article in Explore, The Journal of Science & Healing, a journal dedicated to alternative medicine. That’s certainly a good way to hide it from anyone who knows or cares about physics. Or ethics.


Lots more here on this general topic:


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i’m aware of it all & you’re doing the same thing with conformation bias - Materialism is a belief system/religion.

At some level this is right - but it is a scientific approach has a vast amount of evidence behind it, and that has eliminated many infectious diseases, built the modern world with all of its technology, gotten space ships to Mars, allows us to scan people for cancers (MRIs), etc.

What has the anti-materialistic philosophy brought us? How has it helped us? And most importantly - what real, solid evidence exists that it is accurate? (I would argue - virtually none).


Your assumed judgement on how recovered i am & what my actual level of recovery is has absolutely nothing to do with this thread/the argument being presented - Your comments are straw man & ad hominem.

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All that is needed is one piece of evidence/proof that disproves materialism to bring down the entire thing - that evidence is ample - But ignored & denied by the orthodox/establishment.

Your confusing what is being said. Firstly materialism isn’t science - Nor is the argument being made for the non-physical - anti-physical/anti-materialist. There is no question of the great achievements made by the materialistic scientific paradigm. Does & can that paradigm explain reality? - i think it obvious it doesn’t & can’t. It also doesn’t provide any moralistic guidance, very obviously - & it has arrived at an increasing dead end, especially within certain areas, which is especially true within areas of mental health & in living humanely within a thriving & sustainable World - Along with Capitalism, Materialism has failed.

I think they are so closely paired as to be inseperable - but thats just my belief. Science validates materilism - would that statement be considered true?

Officially - Materialism is a philosophy. And I don’t think philosophy helps people who are mentally ill get better, or get a job, or get a girlfriend or boyfriend.

I guess I’m trying to be practical. Discussions of philosophy are fun, and perhaps enjoyable for some people.

I just tend to focus more on the concrete therapies and actions that can improve people’s lives in the shorter term.

Your focus on philosophy is fine (like any legal interest) - but its not my thing, and not what this web site is focused on.

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Maybe you should look at the picture you posted of the horse , if someone was making statements such as these , basically ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’ , id want to know some more about who is doing the leading.

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Not in my opinion No - & imo materialism isn’t science.

i’m Not a fan of philosophy personally, it’s Not really my thing, & i wouldn’t call this argument/debate philosophical.

My primary focus/interest is also what are the best/most practical ways of helping people & improving the World, especially in relation to mental health.

So you find out more about that person by basically saying that they’re mentally ill as some kind of attempt to try & invalidate their argument, because you don’t like what they’re saying. imo i’m Not mentally ill - the whole concept of ‘mental illness’ is spurious & very debatable to begin with.

Right but you made a remark casting yourself as someone who is the bringer of truth. So what is your bona fides in regards to your own mental health.

My intention is not to hurt you btw.

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